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AthletiKaty’s Black Friday Clif’s Notes

I hope everyone in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Any Canadian readers I may have... I hope that you had a nice... Thursday. Anyhow, I'd be a really shitty shopping blogger if I didn't point out at least a few Black Friday Sales from my inboxes and news feeds that some of you may… Continue reading AthletiKaty’s Black Friday Clif’s Notes

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WMTM Alert: Lululemon Online Warehouse Sale

WMTM's earned a new name on lulu's website for the next few days, they're calling it an online warehouse sale! Here's what's good. There's some fine print saying there's a 25 item limit per day. TBH, these prices are not much more discounted than the usual WMTM markdowns, so if you can find 25 items… Continue reading WMTM Alert: Lululemon Online Warehouse Sale

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WMTM Alert: 7/6/17 Upload [Updated]

Well hello there to 252 items... one would HOPE that there's some sort of good deal in here, so let's weed it out the best of the meh. WMTM Alert - 7/6/17 Upload Tanks & Tops Power Y Tank - Looks like this one's on the outs since the dawn of the rather similar Power… Continue reading WMTM Alert: 7/6/17 Upload [Updated]

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WMTM Alert Express: Energies, OG CRB’s & Marvel Swiftlies

It's after 1pm and I need to race back to work, but there are a small number of great finds that I want to share ASAP in case they sell out fast! Catch the full upload here, and I will be back a little later with the full gamut of fun. Highlights include: Cool Racerbacks… Continue reading WMTM Alert Express: Energies, OG CRB’s & Marvel Swiftlies

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WMTM Alert: 6/15/17 Update (Oh Hey, Nulux!)

It's about time, lulu. It's about damn time. Nulux on WMTM! Nulux has been one of the new fabrics that lulu's rolled out in the last 2 years that hasn't been a flop in quality (pilling nulu Align Pants, I'm glaring at you). Having first dropped some time in November, some of the fancier nulux… Continue reading WMTM Alert: 6/15/17 Update (Oh Hey, Nulux!)

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WMTM Alert: 6/1/17 Update

For the second week in a row, it seems as though lulu has been throwing everything (including the kitchen sink) into WMTM lately. Gone are the days with 35 items marked down, this week the number is again at 200+. Ready, set, notables! WMTM Alert - 6/1/17 Update First up, the Cool Racerback has resurfaced… Continue reading WMTM Alert: 6/1/17 Update

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WMTM Alert: Mega Upload (200+ items!) – Updated

On the heels of the lululemon warehouse sale in Dallas this past weekend, it's looking like We Made Too Much is getting the same dump of recent and years-old merch in odd sizes (size 2's, get ready to have a field day). WMTM Alert - 5/25/17 Upload GO GO GO! I'll be back to update… Continue reading WMTM Alert: Mega Upload (200+ items!) – Updated

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WMTM Rundown: 5/11/17 Update

WMTM hasn't been looking too strong lately, so 'alerts' haven't really been warranted. Can't help but wonder if the upcoming warehouse sale in Dallas next weekend (May 19-21) has something to do with it. Since it's been a couple weeks, here's what's half decent right now. WMTM Alert: Lululemon's Latest Sales Out to Lunge Untight… Continue reading WMTM Rundown: 5/11/17 Update

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WMTM Alert: 4/13/17 Upload

Only 6 new adds to the lineup this week, for 104 items in total. I secretly like days like this when there isn't too much to drool over. Saving money is fun. WMTM Alert - 4/13/17 Upload The grainy look of indian ocean/black didn't go over so well on team Swiftly, so both the Swiftly Tech… Continue reading WMTM Alert: 4/13/17 Upload