Review: Lululemon Stopover Jacket


I’d been *really* good about lululemon spending for the first 9 months of the year, so formal review posts have been lacking in 2018. Well, this fall’s been the expensive opposite. Since SeaWheeze, the lemonade’s been tasting sweeter.

As I alluded to in yesterday’s Fitting Room post… I didn’t buy the Cypress Kiss LS or those super fun WUPs. Instead, I saw a new thing, I ordered it, and I now wear it all the freaking time.

Review: Lululemon Stopover Jacket ($128) in black

DSC_0756.jpgNote: I am 5’9″ and wearing a size 10, which is one up from my TTS 8.

The Fit

This jacket runs slim. According to the size chart, I fall square into size 8 territory, but when I tried this jacket on in store, I got a little bit of a snausage feeling. No food baby would be able to hide in here.

My store only had an 8 in stock, and I walked out wishing someone else hadn’t already purchased the only 10 my store got in. It only took me about 23 minutes after getting home from the mall to cave in and pull the trigger. I knew I loved this jacket so much I’d be kicking myself if it sold out quickly.

The Details

This jacket is rather simple in design, allowing the ruching in back to stand out as its one distinguishing feature. The lululemon omega is printed on the back with matching paint so it doesn’t stand out, which I consider a nice touch.

DSC_0760.jpgThere are two front pockets that zip shut, and there is a small key pocket inside the right front pocket to prevent smaller items from floating around.

DSC_0752The hood is a generous size, it comes down and almost covers your eyes when you have it on, which reminds me of my old school Stride Jacket. A little bit of weight is necessary to keep the hood from blowing off, because there is NO drawstring.


The Length

Everyone’s trusty favorite, thumbholes, are included, and the sleeves are long enough for taller girls like me to be able to use them without discomfort.

It’s perfectly hip skimming, and won’t expose your back if you’re wearing mid-rise bottoms and need to reach for anything.

The Fabric

The fabric is what won me over. I had no idea what it reminded me of until I was sifting through some older media today, and it’s the made of the same fabric as 2017’a Tech Lux Jacket.

DSC_0749DSC_0751It’s a technical spacer fabric, which manages to feel heavy yet, simultaneously breathable. It’s buttery smooth, and won’t flop when you have the jacket halfway zipped.

The Verdict

I ended up going home and ordering the size 10 online. Since it’s come, I am in L-O-V-E <3 …and you all love it too. Any time this jacket has showed up in my insta stories, someone’s reached out to ask about it, and I’ve gotten several compliments in person.

The Stopover Jacket is going to become my new airplane layer for the winter. It’s a tight knit, which makes for a very cozy feeling, and warmer than it looks. It’s also a subdued enough style that doesn’t look ‘too’ athletic if you’re wearing it casually. This is becoming a fast favorite, and will be in heavy rotation as the cooler weather invades my happy autumn bubble.

Long story short. Do I recommend you give this jacket a try? Absof*ckinglutely.


  1. oooh I had my eye on this in the bright blue color. Going to pull the trigger now, lol. Thanks for the sizing tip- will size up.

  2. Ordered. whoops. At least it’s good and useful for travel – which I’ll be doing a lot next year. Thanks for the convincing! 🙂

    1. Funny, I tried the jacket on as a whim and loved the fabric and way it looked. The store also had it in the light mauve – purple but I justified the purchase in black because I lack a casual black jacket. Plus the black ones never hit wmtm until the style is to be discontinued.
      Pleased with my purchase for sure!

  3. I have this and love it so hard! Idk how more people aren’t talking about this one. So stinking cute and comfy.

  4. Every time you post new purchases you make me want to buy it, and I don’t need another jacket! Looks amazing on you!

  5. I love this!! It looks great on you! It looks so cozy. I love the way it makes your pink swiftly pop too. I’ll be checking this out next time I’m at the store.

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