The Fine Print

Ah, yes… the fine print. The less-than-exciting yet necessary part of most things in this day and age.

Affiliate Links

Custom domain names and web hosting aren’t free, therefore I do use affiliate links in some of my posts. What does this mean? I may financially benefit from each click on these links. However, rest assured that you’re not going to find me posting clickbait in order to engage readers. These links do not affect you at all, nor do they cost you a cent.


I have zero, zilch nada when it comes to sponsorships. No brands, including Lululemon, pay me to or endorse my writing AthletiKaty. Any favorable reviews are my personally favorable opinions, any negative reviews are the same: personal opinion. I’m a woman with a laptop and a bunch of opinions that are reflective of my thoughts and mine alone.

Your Privacy

WordPress likes to ask for email addresses when posting comments. Fear not, I do not track or sell your information to anyone, nor will your information be published on this site.

Copyrights & Plagiarism

It’s wonderful to have a loyal group of readers who have found my little corner of the internet. I think hard to come up with the craziness, so if you like something, SHARE. Please don’t pass off my work or photography as your own. A simple link back to the original content is most appreciated, and isn’t a complicated thing for you to do.

ALL original written content is copyrighted by me, 2015-2017.