So I (Finally) Tried On lululemon’s Align Tank: Fit Review (First Release)

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EDIT: lululemon updated the straps on their signature Align Tank Top in the summer of 2022. This article references the fit of the original Align Tank, available from 2020 to mid-2022.

How can you tell the difference? The stitching on the straps is visible on the original design. The straps are slightly wider and the seams are hidden in the 2022 updated fit. I gave the newer fit a try, and *am* very much a fan.


Last night, I took myself on a thrilling Saturday night out… to lululemon. I’ve only been in the fitting room one other time since lockdown began, and that trip was 2.5 months ago. Time flies when you’re beyond overworked, daylight isn’t a thing anymore and aren’t able to find joy in anything that used to make you happy.

End spiral. You’re not here to read about how this winter has been kicking my ass, but it has been. Hence, quiet Katy.

ANYHOW… this freaking tank top. Lulu Reddit can’t get enough of it and lulu had a tough time keeping ANY Align Tanks in stock over the course of the last year or so. Finally the demand has slowed and the production has caught up so that there was actually an assortment in my local store for once.

Fit Review: Lululemon Align Tank Top ($58)

Note: I am 5’9″ and a 34C when it comes to traditional bra sizing.

Fit & Length

I tried on two sizes. Eyeballing this tank, I wasn’t all that sure that my TTS 8 was going to fit, so I also grabbed the next size up for fun.

I tried the 10 first, paired with my own Invigorate High-Rise Tights. The tank hit just above my natural waist. On anyone taller than I am, it may fit you like a long line bra more than a tank top. It was pretty comfortable overall, but I didn’t feel supported at all. Those aren’t nips showing in the photos, that’s just the pad insert doing its thing because the 10 didn’t fit as tightly as intended.

Down to the 8 I went. This time, I paired it with a pair of Wunder Lounge Super High-Rise Tights that I found on markdown. Apparently someone named Laura did not appreciate them as a Christmas gift. I know this because her name was written on the hang tag. 😂

Figured the SHR would give me the look that all the shorty Align Tank lovers get with a pair of tights that hit my true waistline. No noticeable difference in the length or arm holes, but to say the size 8 crushed my cleavage is an understatement. It gave me the dreaded quad boob.

Design Details

Nothing really gimmicky with the design here: shelf bra built in, but it doesn’t provide all that much support. It’s the simple, yet feminine cut that sells it.


While overall I’d say I’m pretty body confident, I know that my greatest ASSETS (ha!) are from the waist down, so I tend to keep it covered and simple up top. I’ve got pretty broad shoulders and the girls are pretty average, so I tend to throw plain crew necks on and let the boots & pants do their thing. Plunging necklines are not a mainstay in my wardrobe.

I was hopeful that the Align Tank would do some sort of magic to make me feel like some instagram yoga vixen, but it did not. In my personal experience, this tank wasn’t all the internet has cracked it up to be.

  • Unflattering cleavage
  • It squished my chest down instead of lifting the girls up
  • Sizing up left that awkward texture with the padding

I was hoping that perhaps angels would indeed sing when I tried one of these on. But… silence.

To immediately know if the Align Tank might work for you, ask yourself this one question:

Would you ever go for a run or jump rope in a Free to Be Bra *Wild?

If your answer is yes: have fun with the Align Tank!

If your answer is a resounding FUCK NO as you grab your chest just imagining such a bouncy act: Save your money.

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  1. The Align tank has been the only Lululemon item I have ever returned. It looks so cute on some people but bring 6ft tall, it is nothing more than a long line bra 🙁

  2. Do you remember the Nulu Sunsetter Tank? I used to looooove it and had it in 4 colors….but then decided I don’t like built in shelf bras. I also don’t like low cut things. Or straight straps. That’s 3 strikes for me, but the Align Tank looks great in Reddit fit pics.

  3. I wasn’t a fan either of the Align tank. I answered yes to your question, and while the tank would support me in doing my high impact activities, i think I am too flat chested for the tank to be any sort of flattering on me. I wouldn’t mind if they made a tank with a higher neck but same crop top. I’m sure something will come, or has already been here and I need to hunt it down.

  4. I’m also 5’9 and broad-shouldered and couldn’t do anything in a FTBW (and don’t run in Energy bras) but the Align somehow worked for me, albeit as a long-line bra. I got the lift (yay) but it hits at an unflattering spot. I wish they made a long version.

    1. I don’t like it either. I own the black and white both in size 6. They are not flattering at all, makes me look flatter (I’m already flat, A cup), wider and it flares out in the waist, also the length is not flattering. I tried to size down but it was impossible to get the 4 on. I’m 5’5, 125 lbs, not that tall, something between curvy and fit type of body with flat stomach, I just don’t get the hype.

  5. This was my exact experience with the align tank. I wanted to love it so much but my TTS that I bought on WMTM looked like I put on a child’s top. It really was ridiculous looking and I need to find a much smaller person to gift it to!!

    1. Gahhh I’m so sorry that happened to you, I’d be so annoyed on final sale. 9/10 TTS works for me with lulu but on the Align if I had to choose for comfort alone I’d go 10
      Instead of 8.

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