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An AthletiKaty Guide: Moab, UT

Last year, I penned a thinkish piece about why I book plane tickets without asking anyone else first. I got excited, booked a trip, took said trip, and then... life got in the way, and I didn't end up posting a recap in any sort of timely fashion. Now that my Facebook notifications are telling me that I… Continue reading An AthletiKaty Guide: Moab, UT


On the Road in Rip City: Portland, OR

I consider myself weird. Portland, OR prides itself on being weird. Therefore, I was stoked to find myself assigned to work an event in Portland back in December. After having a trip to Eugene, OR aborted halfway across the country the week prior (thanks to snow in Minneapolis), I was excited to actually make it… Continue reading On the Road in Rip City: Portland, OR

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#SeaKatyWheeze: The Road (Air?) to Vancouver

8 days seems like such an incredibly long, yet incredibly short time since I hopped that plane out of Vancouver. Now that I've gone on a little bit of a vacation, done my laundry, attempted to catch up at work and can't watch the closing ceremonies due to the fact that I have rabbit ears… Continue reading #SeaKatyWheeze: The Road (Air?) to Vancouver

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Why I Buy Plane Tickets Without Asking Anyone Else

Since the Pickle Jar Project, I haven't published a personal post in a while. It's time. I'll be back with your regularly scheduled snark tomorrow evening. What was originally supposed to be a quick update to my Airbnb profile last week quickly spiraled into a musing all of its own, which I felt the need to… Continue reading Why I Buy Plane Tickets Without Asking Anyone Else

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Have WOD Will Travel

So your bags are packed, and you're feeling bad about leaving your gym stuff behind. Many people tend to hop on planes for special occasions, like vacations, weddings and holidays. Then there's the population of us whose jobs punt us out on the road fairly frequently. I'm part of the latter. If you're into CrossFit,… Continue reading Have WOD Will Travel