Oh Canada! Lululemon Becomes Official Outfitter of the Canadian Olympic Team (Photos)


You are the company you keep, and hot diggity was my instagram feed all about this announcement released yesterday morning: Lululemon is now the official outfitter of the Canadian Olympic & Paralympic teams through 2028, beginning in February 2022 in Beijing.

Lululemon has created pieces for Olympic athletes in the past, and sponsors a few winter sport athletes like Cassie Sharpe, but I don’t think they’ve ever been part of an undertaking quite this significant before. I’d say this move is one step closer to shaking the “rich soccer Mom” stereotype. The men’s market has been growing for years, and this may help sports fans across the country (and perhaps the world) see that lululemon isn’t just for yoga pants and flippy skirts.

While this doesn’t mean that competition uniforms will be made by lululemon, all of Team Canada members will be decked out in lululemon for the following:

  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Media appearances
  • Out & about the athlete’s village

So enough rambling. There are plenty of articles out there on this already – let’s see the gear! The most fun (and unexpected) part is that on the heels of the announcement, lululemon has also made several pieces from the collection available for sale online. However, because it is the Canadian Olympic team, this collection is not available to anyone outside of Canada.

Photos: Team Canada x lululemon

Me: *googles how to obtain Canadian citizenship and world class athletic abilities by 2022*

Team Canada showing off a sneak peek of the Beijing 2022 collection

Aside from the obvious Crimson and White, the collection available to shoppers today includes Black, Ivory, Dark Olive and a fun pattern called Metamorphic Glow Starlight Green Multi. Some of the pieces have a more traditional look, with pronounced COC and lululemon emblems on them, the trendier pieces feature matted monochromatic paint schemes with CAN in block letters, the Canadian flag, or a maple leaf.

The athlete headshots above feature a lot of Dark Sport Red, which we only see for sale in accessories at this point in time.

Team Canada x lululemon: Women

Team Canada x lululemon: Accessories

Team Canada x lululemon: Men

TBH my audience is a solid 92% female so I’m not going to link all the men’s gear piece by piece, but here’s a shop link and a smattering of what they’ve got. TBH I’m a bit envious that Maple Metamorphosis Dark Green Multi didn’t make an appearance on the Women’s side.

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  1. So happy about this. Way to go Lulu! There’s supposed to be another drop in a moth or so I heard. The video sneak peak looks like jackets, hoodies and accessories.

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