Hey there, Internet! Welcome to AthletiKaty! Formerly known as Lulu & the Box, this blog’s content has evolved to currently cover a generally active (early) thirty-something way of living life in the most comfortable, delicious and entertaining way possible. I’m not immune to fragmented sentences and odd adjectives. See 2 sentences prior.

About ME

My name is Katy, and I’m a lifelong New Englander who’s been jonesing to move left of the Mississippi River as soon as my professional life allows. If you live within reasonable driving distance of spectacular mountain ranges and any of the US national parks, I envy you.

It’s slightly amusing and surreal to have established a fashion-related niche for myself on the internet, because my early years were spent in a long-lasting tomboy phase. Yet, here we are. While some individuals make blogging their profession, publishing AthletiKaty is a fun and creative hobby for me. Like most of you out there, I too work a full-time job.

Ever since I was a little girl, two places I always LOVED to be were stadiums and airports. Where do I get paid to spend a good chunk my of time as an adult? Stadiums and airports. My career in sports broadcasting affords me frequent opportunities to hop a plane and visit new places across the country, helping me along my mission to visit all 50 US states. (Almost there, I’m at 42.)

In recent years, I’ve found myself living life in as much activewear as possible. A sucker for a comfortable, functional and flattering outfit, I consider myself a very relatable poster child for the athleisure trend. Lululemon Align Pants under sweater dresses are a mainstay in my winter wardrobe. I once wore Wunder Unders on a first date. (True story.)

My favorite non-CrossFit ways to get outside and play include running the occasional half marathon, hiking, swimming, snowboarding, tennis, paddleboarding and golf. I am also outdoorsy in the sense that I enjoy drinking outside on patios.

How AthletiKaty Began

AthletiKaty began as a sister site to my original blogging adventure, OccasionalFaileo.com. Established in 2012, I dug myself into a a bit of a paleo+kerrygold food niche. However, I’m more than just food. As a creature of habit, I fell into ruts and would eat the same thing for lunch weeks on end, leading to dry spells in new recipe ideas and relief that the sink wasn’t full of dirty dishes for once.

In late 2014, I tired of focusing on food and food alone, so I began to incorporate the Irrelevance of the Week into the OF. That only lasted for about a month until things got extremely busy at work, and the lack of natural lighting in the winter for food photos wore me down. I temporarily stepped away from food blogging for my own sanity’s sake.

I found myself missing an outlet for creating random, lighthearted content – therefore Lulu & the Box was born in March of 2015.

What will you find here?

Reviews, Recommendations & Randomness.

Now keep calm, LUON and I hope you keep coming back for more as this little blog of mine continues to grow!


Twitter: @athletikaty | Instagram: @athletikaty | Email: katy@athletikaty.com

…of course there’s fine print.


  1. Hi! Love your “try-on” posts. Do you mind posting your measurements, so I’d know how the sizes you are trying on would compare to my own body size/shape? Thanks!

    1. Hi! It fluctuates, but I’m generally within 1″ of 36-30-42 (up or down depends on fitness & diet), which lands me a true to size 8/M on top and either a generous M or small L on the bottom. I’m 5’9″.

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