WMTM Alert: 4/9/20 Edition

lululemonWMTM Alert

Quarantine Day 28! The only things I’ve purchased online so far are gummy vitamins, long run energy chews, and a YETI. The Amex is getting restless. In addition to a pair of Sorels I’m thisclose to pulling the trigger on… it’s Thursday again.

WMTM Alert: 4/9/20 Edition

  • Ready to Rulu Pant – Night Diver / $79 – These are a quarantine REQUIREMENT. If you’ don’t already have a pair, you’re missing out. [Express Review]
  • Sleek Performancs 1/2 Zip Hoodie – Black / $84 – Everything I wish the Water Bound Hoodie would be… aka awesome lightweight UPF fabric, WITH A FRONT POCKET! $84 is a little steep for a markdown, but I may put it in my cart and see if I can wait out either another price drop or a sellout.
  • Sincerely Yours Sweater – Pink Glow / $89 [Fitting Room]
  • City to Summit Cycling Jersey / $74 – JIC hardcore cycling is your newest COVID hobby to stave off boredom and stress baking ๐Ÿง

Agh, in addition to new lulu… now I want a cupcake too.

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  1. That Digital Oasis FTBW is so cute, but dangit, I hate that style. I don’t understand how so many think it’s so comfortable! It cuts into my arm pits, and the straps leave burn marks on my back…but the band fits nicely. The struggle.

    1. I’ve been slow to warm up to the FTBW – when I was in between sizes, I ran into those issues on my smaller size but the larger one had no support. Now that I’m more spot on with an 8, I like how they fit but still won’t do any sort of vigorous activity in them.

  2. Agree, the digital oasis print is so cute. The FTBW works for me, but it’s all sold out in my size. The FTB isn’t my favorite style so I will pass.

    Btw, I got the white camo 25″ WUP today, and they run SMALL. All the reviews (which weren’t there yet when I bought last Friday) say the same thing. I can wear them, but they’re compressive. This seems to be the case with all styles this pattern comes in. Just FYI since there is no trying on at the store now!

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