WMTM Rundown: What Day is It?

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I’ve lost all track of time. Yesterday, I woke up, went for a run, showered… and suddenly it was 6pm. Today, I woke up, went on my weekly errand excursion, cleaned some stuff around the house and suddenly it’s 7:30p. Time flies when you lose all concept of it.

Let’s pretend it’s Thursday around lunch time, and I’m chronicling the latest markdowns of the last two weeks that are tempting me to add to my already full closet.

WMTM Alert: 4/5/20 Edition

  • On My Level Bag – Ink Blue / $89 – Great for carrying emotional baggage in from being on lockdown for months
  • Radiant Jacket – Assorted colors / $59 – Hide from responsibilities in the high collar!
  • On the Beat Belt Bag – Soleil / $39 – Fits snacks perfectly for your 173rd walk around the block this week
  • All the Right Places Pant II – Wild Bluebell / $89 – Size 12 only. You will have the most fun pants on the block. Karen from the cul-de-sac can stuff it.
  • Run Briskly 1/2 Zip – Black / $79 – Bc running briskly is the only workout I feel like doing lately
  • Runderful Long Sleeve – Algae Green / $69 – Heads up this year’s cut runs slim [Fitting Room]
  • Love Tee V – Springtime / $29 – Because this is the only version of springtime that you can enjoy without the risk of catching the ‘rona
  • All Yours Hoodie – Larkspur / $79 – COUCH UNIFORM.
  • All Yours Zip Hoodie – Magenta Glow / $79 – In case you’re like me and getting sick of the same two Scubas
  • All Your Small Things Pouch *4L – Wild Bluebell / $29 – You can do that fun thing that I did where you gather up all the rogue lipsticks/glosses/balms in the house and stick them all in one place/pouch and realize you’re a goo hoarder.
  • Pace Rival High-Rise Crop – Dark Red / $69

So everyone knows the term “brown-bagging it” – that thing that some of us used to do when we had offices to bring lunch to! Well, in the last two weeks, WMTM has been BLUE bagging it, to say the least…

I keep seeing people posting quarantine hauls, but meanwhile I haven’t ordered anything since getting locked down. Trying to do that whole “don’t get furloughed” thing, and not spend too much extra money when my closet is already at capacity. Oh, the things you don’t realize until you’re actually on top of the laundry and ALL OF IT is folded and put away at once.

Fun times.

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  1. I’m *trying* to limit purchases as well since I work in oil & gas…yeah. However, several of my years-old sports bras have gotten super stretched out, and I wear them daily, so I’ve been reselling/ replacing those.

    My fellow redditors have been going nuts with quarantine hauls out of boredom, which seems unwise. It’s fun to live vicariously through them, though!

    Hang in there!

    1. Same. I’m really limiting my purchases right now. At least, actively trying to– I did get the camo mula undies and the springtime love tee last week. I felt like a few small purchases were a nice pick me up, but not doing anything pricey right now. Between popping some tags on stuff I already own (for a while now, sheesh!) and finding my drawers hard to close when everything is clean, I really don’t need more! I do love reading your WMTM posts though!!

      I’m going to sign up for the Strava challenge and put my “I’m bored” energy into that instead. Thanks for the heads up on it!!

    2. Oh goodness the quarantine hauls… if anything now that I’m faced with a full closet instead of a limited selection in a suitcase, it’s a lot more obvious to me that adding to the collection is the last thing I need to do 😂

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