UPDATED PSA: Lululemon Online Sale is LIVE NOW (7/8/20)

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This isn’t freshity fresh news, but for those of you who do not regularly check lulu-related discussion boards on sites like Facebook or Reddit, wanted to make sure you’re also in the know:

Lululemon’s annual online ‘warehouse sale’ is expected to kick off TOMORROW, 7/9. Can confirm from the horse’s mouth that a sale is coming – in the last few days, people who have fired up the lululemon app that don’t have notifications turned on have been receiving a pop-up that says…

Enable notifications to be the first to know (you’ll want to – our online sale is coming soon).

If it’s anything like it has been in years past, lots of long lost inventory will pop up, but I wouldn’t necessarily hold my breath for price points any lower than the usual WMTM markdowns.

I’d expect restocks over the course of a few days, so if you don’t see anything you like in the first pass, I wouldn’t lose hope after once scroll.

So, maybe don’t be taking off work to shop (gotta pay for the habit somehow), but definitely have your Shipping and Billing info already saved to your lulu account before tomorrow.

With how things have been selling out super quick lately, the extra minute or two it takes to enter in your info may be the difference between missing or scoring.


      1. US! The WMTM page isn’t caught up, but there’s tons of stuff if you filter and sort (by price) each category. The Reddit sub is going nuts.

      2. I’m in the US and am definitely seeing new items! I am so excited about the Wild Bluebell Define on sale!

  1. I just placed 3 orders and still going! We will see how much actually ships–stuff is going FAST! Hope they restock!

      1. I cant even get the site to load on my computer so luckily my phone is showing the stuff but it is always glitchy repeats when I scroll 🙁
        Just placed a 4th order…..

      2. I wanted that green one too but no longer in my size. It was gorgeous! I found some Align bras that are reversible (my weakness) –I dont remember seeing these before (?)

  2. just tried to order and site is down lol. why am i not surprised?! One would think that a company who’s stock is over $300 a share would have a site that doesn’t crash as much as theirs when there is a massive influx of people buying.

  3. Their site is just bad in general. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I ended up shopping the sale at about 2:30 AM (California time). You’d think there wouldn’t be too many shoppers online then? The site kept crashing anyway!!

    I managed to get a few fun things to try, a couple of high neck tanks and some mesh WUs that I wanted in the Winter. I had a whole shopping cart full, but talked myself out of a lot of things that I really don’t need. I may go back for the graced with lace jacket. I keep checking to see if my size is still in stock. The reviews are mixed though, so it’s keeping me from buying.

  4. Got the soleil Yellow longline energy bra in size 10 for $29. Appeared with some restocks Friday night around 9:45EST. Hopefully order will go through and ship!

  5. @athletikaty what did you order? I grabbed a black long sleeved swiftly, cosmic shift multi high neck energy bra, ready to roll crew and some gear for hubby!

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