WMTM Alert: 5/14/20 Edition

lululemonWMTM Alert

The state of New Jersey’s Twitter account is hilarious, and usually they tweet in the morning what day it is in all caps. I was going to paste today’s as my intro, but… ah whatever. While I wanted to say THURSDAY, NJ’s calling it…

WMTM Alert: 5/14/20 Edition

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  1. I love the classic green Love tee V and I’m a size 4, but the v-neck is so low. I never wear the one v-neck love tee I have now, and prefer the crew neck 100x more. I hope to see pretty colors like this eventually make it to the crew neck!

    1. I noticed that a couple of weeks ago. The Terms & Conditions of the lululemon Collective agreement prohibit us from using the words “discount” and “sale” in reference to their product, which is why you always see me call them markdowns. I found it quite odd that they started using the exact verbiage that the fine print told Collective members not to. 🤨

      1. I’m sad that Lululemon seems to be losing what made them stand out. Such a small thing to change WMTM to Sale, but I think they are slowly losing their identity and what made them so different. Makes me sad. LOL!

  2. Their wording goes back and forth with both men and women’s section of their website . One day is see “sale” and next day is see WMTM…. so I’m confused. And who cares? Why change the wording? Is this some legal issue?

  3. Just wanted to say thanks so much – I stumbled on your blog 10 minutes ago and happened to see that vinyasa scarf is now on sale. I have been dying for that one but couldn’t pull the trigger on full price… so thank you!

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