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Review: The North Face Empower Hooded Dress

A short while ago, I featured something a bit unexpected out of the North Face, a DRESS! As you know, I'm all about finding the crossover pieces from our favorite tried and true activewear brands and getting them into the business / casual / party wardrobe rotation as much as possible. Seeing that it's from… Continue reading Review: The North Face Empower Hooded Dress

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Review: K-Deer Jody Stripe Capri

Matthew McConaghey here, to say "alright alright alriiiight..." time to publish the review of the K-Deer Jody Stripe Capri, my first try of the K-Deer brand. I had no idea where to start, or which stripe scheme to get. After a few DAYS of hemming and hawing, some sizing availability and the ability to match black… Continue reading Review: K-Deer Jody Stripe Capri

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Review: Lululemon Gear Up LS

Lots of times, things end up on WMTM for a reason, the price is too high, colourways are stupid, the fabric looks or feels cheap. Welp, the Gear Up Long Sleeve arrived on WMTM recently and you all are in serious luck. The originally tall order of a price tag on this one is the… Continue reading Review: Lululemon Gear Up LS

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Quiet Stripes for $74?! (Updated)

As many of you know, lululemon quiet stripe Wunder Unders go for $450+ on the Buy/Sell/Trade boards. For a much more reasonable $74, Glyder Apparel is currently selling a doppelgänger, the High Power Legging. Given that I'm a dirt magnet, I'll likely let this opportunity pass me by. 😦 They're incredibly cute, and I *wish*… Continue reading Quiet Stripes for $74?! (Updated)