Meet My New Favorite $20 Shirt


Believe it or not, I didn’t always run around in lululemon from head to toe. In the past decade, I’ve bounced from all Nike to all Under Armour to all Lululemon and am now at the point where I don’t care who makes it… if I like it, I’ll snap it up. The one-track mind has calmed itself down considerably at my ripe old age of 31.

So, I was walking through every suburban girl’s money vortex, Target, back in July and noticed a very nondescript short-sleeved tee that was breathable, flattering, and best of all… the price tag read $19.99. Having spent a ton of time this year on the event side (instead of the cubicle side) at work, finding things you can sweat in while still looking respectable is an ongoing endeavor for me.

Meet Target’s C9 Champion Women’s Run T-Shirt ($19.99)

It comes in 4 colors (clockwise from top left): black, steel blue, neon flare and what they’re calling indigo screen.

I’m one of those self conscious types, so I don’t wear tight shirts all that often. I find it pretty difficult to find pieces slouchy enough for comfort, but not so baggy I lose all shape. So, if that means I ditch the fancy lulu on occasion in favor of a lower-priced item you can grab from a store that also sells mayonnaise, so be it.


I appreciate a crew neck for all of the times I have to bend over and move things around at work, and have always enjoyed a quasi cap sleeve. The front panel of the shirt is mainly a plain woven tech material, the details begin on the shoulders and continue to the back.


Given that it’s meant for fitness, there’s some ventilation and a utilitarian reflective stripe running halfway down the back. Also, it features a potentially useful zippered key pocket on one side.


The first time I snapped one up, I eyeballed it and grabbed a medium. Once I decided I liked the black and wanted another color, my mind was made up for me when all the store I visited had in stock of the neon flare was S or XL. Size Small it was, and it ended up fitting a bit nicer than the M had.

In addition to running large in the general scheme of things, it’s also a bit long in back. If you’re down with that look, hooray! If you like knowing if you bend over for any reason that you won’t be rocking the plumber look, double hooray!


My latest thing is to tuck loose-ish shirts into my pants in back, to get that whole “tie it in a knot” look that’s in right now, without actually tying my shirt in a knot.


So, yeah. What’s my point? If you’re a regular AthletiKaty reader, you’re obviously into lululemon and the fancy activewear scene in general. Lululemon ran away early with such a lion’s share in the cute activewear market, that it was only a matter of time that some more affordable lines came out to bring athleisure to the masses.

So, if you’re in the mood for taking a week off from spending $70 on a t-shirt to run errands and get a little sweaty in, I’m just going to leave this right here.


  1. Ya’ know I’ve found a few C9 pieces that I really like. I prefer my tops to be a bit loose, love the Sculpt tank, and was looking for similar fit this past summer. I found three from tanks from C9, cool I’ll take ’em. It just leaves me with a little extra to spend elsewhere.

  2. Can you do more posts like this one? Or at least consider it? I love my Lulu so I pass over gems like this on my weekly (or more) Target runs.

    1. Absolutely! With so much of lulu’s latest starting to look like itself lately, I try to keep my eyes peeled for comparable styles elsewhere – and if it’s $20 vs $80? Even better!

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