Quiet Stripes for $74?! (Updated)

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As many of you know, lululemon quiet stripe Wunder Unders go for $450+ on the Buy/Sell/Trade boards.

For a much more reasonable $74, Glyder Apparel is currently selling a doppelgänger, the High Power Legging.

Given that I’m a dirt magnet, I’ll likely let this opportunity pass me by. 🙁 They’re incredibly cute, and I *wish* I could pull them off. However, for those of you who just can’t bring yourselves to drop $500 on used pants – WINNING!


With lulu coming out with B/W/Gray patterns one after another to the point where I can’t tell some of them apart anymore, I’m starting to stray from the lemonade, like many of you have alluded to.

2/14 UPDATE: I failed to mention that Glyder is also selling a white & black striped crop, with angled side panels, which IMHO look pretty damn sharp. Only the leggings above are available in an L, but the Angle Crop is available in S-M-L for $68.

Who’s gotten their hands on a pair of these (or any) Glyder gear? I’m starting to get pretty curious 🙂


  1. They sold out of the small sizes in like 3 days! I emailed Glyder and asked of they would restock them and they said they generally dont restock items if they sell out. Major fomo!!

      1. For updates just follow any of our channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Email Newsletter. Or follow all of them!


      1. fyi the crops have only one pocket on the left side, not one on each side. the description makes this clear.

  2. I love glyder!!! And I think it’s extra awesome that they posted here and that they’ll restock a popular item so people don’t have to search and overpay on resale sites! Cutting back on drinking the lulu koolaid and trying other activewear was one of the best things that could’ve happened to my bank account first and foremost, but also opened my eyes to how other brands strive to listen to their customers and fight for my business. I have lulu to thank for making other brands step their game up, but they don’t deserve all of my hard earned money. just sayin…. 😬😬😬

  3. I just ordered the crops, and am looking forward to trying to get the full length if they ever get restocked. Plus – you get 20% off your first order! With the discount and the positive reviews of other Glyder products by Agent Athletica, I was more than willing to try these as a little Valentine’s Day gift to myself!

  4. I stalked the glyder website and a pair of the Capri popped up size xs!!! Can’t wait to get them. Thanks lulu and the box for the heads up. I will let you know how they fit!!! I am glad to be branching out from lululemon, have not been into that brand as much I have been I the past. This past year designs have basically killed my lll addiction.

    1. That’s awesome news! Hope they work out for you 🙂

      Tuesday evenings have gotten a bit less exciting for me as well, so don’t be surprised if other non-lulu gear starts popping up on the blog. Let’s just say I had a biiiiiit of fun at REI today!

  5. I just got the Capris, oh my, they are lovely!!!! Thick, compressive and …. wait for it….. they have the diamond gusset!!!!!! No CT!!!! WooHoo!!! Remember the days when LLL had the diamond gusset, sigh, another reason why I need to find other brands. Speaking of, have you ever tried YogoSmoga?? They are always having sales. I like the pants!!

    1. How was the length on the capris? I recall buying glyder a long time ago and the capri’s were quite short– only hit the top of my calves. I was hoping they’ve since lengthened their capris!

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