Review: Lululemon Pack It Down Again Jacket


I really like purple stuff. My phone case is purple. My toenails are currently purple. Favorite Swiftly? Purple. Stapler? Purple. Cat-5 cables that I carry around for work so that people know they are MINE? Purple. While half the people I ask say lazurite is blue, my brain sees purple.

While what to call the color still stumps me, it’s awesome I love it and oh yeah here are some details about the jacket itself.


I went for this piece because all fall and early winter, I had been eyeballing a thinner puffy jacket for those “rather cold but don’t need a full parka” kinds of days. Yes, I’ve got a red North Face Thermoball that checks both of those boxes already, but it’s long. I wanted short.

Lululemon Pack It Down Again Jacket ($198) in lazurite

Note: I am 5’9″ and wearing a size 10, one up from what the sizing chart says I should be.

Fit & Length

I 97% love the fit of this jacket. It’s fitted without being too tight, the sleeves are the right length, and it comes down about as long as it can in back before making it uncomfortable to sit. The 3% knock is due to the shoulders. While not *too* tight, it feels as though there should be more room in the shoulder area for a size 10.

Then again, it could be my big ol’ shoulders causing this, and other proportional 10’s here feel just fine. I feel the pull when I bend over to tie my shoes, but that’s about it.

Sky is blue, Hydroflask is blue, lazurite is _______.
Design Details

The design is fairly straightforward, it’s a plain lightweight puffer with lululemon’s signature omega stitched in. The front pockets do NOT zip, but the right front pocket has one of those mesh phone pouches sewn in. It’s a tight squeeze for my iPhone X, anything larger won’t fit.

It’s a fun bonus that the hood zips off, in case you’re 100% certain it won’t rain/snow and you don’t need the added bulk. Lastly, the “Pack it Down Again” name is in reference to the fact that this jacket comes with a small cinch sack that you can roll up and squish said jacket into for maximum packability. When packed, it probably takes up the space of two grapefruits. Stuffs into my backpack quite nicely.


The zipper is fine-toothed, and my guess is it’s that way to keep the jacket flexible and packable, as opposed to something more heavy duty.

Fabric & Warmth

If I had to describe this jacket in 3 words: fluffy warm windbreaker. It definitely keeps you warm, but it’s not the first thing I’m going to grab in a polar blizzard vortex snowpocalypse. In the month I’ve been wearing this jacket, I’d say it’s best suited from temperatures in the 25°-45°F range.

It’s very light, which is probably why I’ve read some people’s opinion that it feels cheap. I personally feel like it’s on par with any other lulu I own. I don’t believe the Pack it Down Again is meant to be someone’s ONLY winter parka, unless you live somewhere below the Carolinas. It’s ideal for moderate activity when you don’t want to feel bogged down, whether it be a reasonably warm day on the slopes, or a chilly hike.


Now that I’ve had it for a month, I feel good about the Pack it Down Again Jacket. It’s been with me on grocery trips in suburbia, all the way to riding down Buttermilk in Aspen. For the price, I was okay with shelling out $200 for it thanks to a holiday gift card and fear that lazurite would sell out. For the same money you may be able to find a heftier jacket from a different brand, but if it ends up on WMTM for $150ish I’d pin that as an appropriate price point. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase.

2/22 EDIT: Since buying this jacket, I have loved it for casual wear, and have even worn it snowboarding a few times. The only caveat is that I’ve found a few rogue feathers on black shirts when taking it off. Whomp whomp. Grab a lint roller.

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  1. thanks so much for this, super helpful, ordered the same colour and a size larger than I wear. love all the pics.

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