Review: Lululemon Gear Up LS


Lots of times, things end up on WMTM for a reason, the price is too high, colourways are stupid, the fabric looks or feels cheap. Welp, the Gear Up Long Sleeve arrived on WMTM recently and you all are in serious luck. The originally tall order of a price tag on this one is the only thing I can find wrong with this top.

Having found one in black on MD for $59 in store a couple of weeks ago, I have been wearing this top CONSTANTLY. Around the house, out to the bar, and to work. The Gear UP LS likely ended up on WMTM due to its price, and that it doesn’t photograph like the jazziest of tops. However, it is super comfortable and versatile AF.

Lululemon Gear Up LS ($69/WMTM) in black

This top wins major points for me in that it’s loose without being floppy. This fit comes as a big plus if you plan on going out to eat for cheat day (or every day, in my book).

It’s looser in the shoulder area, so CrossFit shoulders won’t have an issue getting into this top. As you can also see, if you do choose to layer with a CRB, it will peek out in the back on top.


I won’t go as far to say that it’s got a boatneck, but the head opening is a bit wider than with a crew neck. If you wear a sports bra, it will show. If you choose to wear a conventional bra underneath, there’s next to no chance your bra straps will accidentally peek out.

As with many of you, I love me some thumbholes. The sleeves do get a bit tighter towards the forearm, and as you’re trying the top on for the first time, you way wonder if the sleeves will even be long enough.

Fear not, it’s the dropped effect on the armholes that makes the sleeves look shorter than they actually are.


What’s it made of, you ask? RULU. SOFT, COZY ‘I WANT TO BURY MY FACE IN IT’ RULU. At the bottom of this top, there’s a bit of a heavy mesh detail that actually gives it a nice little bit of weight, so it’s not flapping around in the breeze.


As for sizing, go down if you’re truly in between sizes, otherwise stick to TTS. I technically am an 8 up top on lululemon’s size chart, but sometimes size up to a 10 in items like Swiftlies & the Define Pullover due to my CrossFit shoulders.

Shown here is an 8, and it couldn’t be a more perfect fit.

Long story short, I know I’ve been bashing lululemon a bit hard on the ‘plain black long sleeve shirt’ thing lately, but the Gear Up Long Sleeve truly deserves a place in your closet. As a matter of fact, I think I’m going to snap up the hero blue one now.

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  1. Oh I just picked one recently that had been marked own before the online site. I love it! I love anything rulu so it was a no-brainer. It’s the perfect comfy shirt with just enough shape to not look too frumpy which makes it perfect for work. Ditto to the CrossFit should comment, I always go up in size for tops other than tanks, If you are a lover of the super thick rulu of the past you may be disappointed, it is thinner but still cuddly nonetheless. If it hit WMTM I will defiantly be looking for other colors.

    1. Right?! I completely passed over this shirt online, but once I tried it on, I was hooked. I have worn it at least 5x in the 2 weeks I’ve owned it, and snow no signs of changing that habit any time soon.

      I feel like I deserve a gold star because on only one of those re-wears did I take it out of the hamper.

  2. How do you like your KDeers? I’ve been thinking about ordering but not sure how they fit compared to Lulu. Also any sheerness issues? Thanks 🙂

    1. Working on a review to be posted this week! Minor sheerness when you drop into a squat, but they aren’t any worse than what you’d get from lululemon.

    2. I have 3 pairs of kdeers the blue stripe alexis, ruby/pink stripe laura and a punk rock stripe. I wear a 4 in wunder unders and have a small in Kdeer. The fabric is super thin scarily thin but covers like luxtreme and feels like a second skin – fit for your hip measurements and it should work. They have a 30 day return policy and I’ve used it once – their shorts were a bit too short for my taste – and they were great about it.

  3. hm. Sorry, this looks really unflattering on you. Lulu goggles? I love everything rulu but I just can’t with this top.

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