The Fitting Room: Athleta’s Latest


Athleta’s like that friend at work who bring in cupcakes when you don’t need a freaking cupcake. But cupcakes are good and it’s totally unpredictable as to when the next batch of cupcakes is going to appear out of nowhere, so you give in.

Athleta’s Modblock Salutation 7/8 Tight – I gave in.

Did you need that cupcake? Probably not. Do you love cupcakes? Of course you do. Will it be apocalyptic if you eat one? Of course not. So you bite. Literally. Cupcakes rock.

In this case, 1 cupcake = a coupon code from Athleta for 20% one full-priced item.

One landed in my email about 2 weeks ago, so last Friday I headed off to the mall with a pair of their water-resistant hiking tights in mind. Used the code on a pair of the Headlands Hybrid Cargo Tight (website says Headlands, the tag confusingly says Highline), and also splurged on the Salutation Modblock 7/8 Tight.

Well… all was well and good until ANOTHER code landed in my inbox today. (Aw shucks.) Seeing that a bunch of you may be on their mailing list as well, I figured I better get these fitting room photos up ASAP so that in case you have a code burning a hole in your inbox, you may see something you like!

Note: there are some discrepancies in names on the tags and item names online. I am going to list the names used on their website first, and the name on the physical tag second.

The Fitting Room: Athleta’s Latest

Open Back Tee / Be Open Tee ($69) in black

This reminds me so much of an open back tee I got from lululemon back in 2015, except this one is made of a heavier technical fabric. I loved it, but didn’t want to spend that much on a top I wouldn’t be able to double as a work shirt. Wearing an M.

Sunlover UPF Tank ($49) in navy

Loved the fabric and how it draped on me. Couldn’t think of enough places I’d wear this tank so late in the summer, but I had to hem and haw before leaving it behind. Wearing an M.

Cloudlight Asym Side Tie Tank ($49) in black

This one felt just as good as the UPF tank. It is a bit long for my liking if left hanging, but I did like the look once I tied up the loose ends. Maybe I go back and use my code on this one? Wearing an M.

Salutation Modblock 7/8 Tight ($89)

If only lululemon’s Align Pants had more compression, side pockets and fun panels… oh wait just go down the hall to Athleta and buy these babies. Wearing an 8.

Skyline Pant ($89) in arbor olive

TBH, I was thinking these were going to end up a bit dudly. Tried them on with humorous intentions, but they didn’t end up looking half bad on me. Still not the most flattering rear view.

They are super light and airy, like a heavy duty wind pant. My only gripes are the single back pocket, and that the belt was black on one side and green on the other. As you can see in the photos… I struggled getting the green side to show. Wearing a 10.

Headlands Hybrid Tight / Highline Hybrid Hike Tight ($108) in black

The website says “online exclusive” but I call hogwash given that I pulled this pair from a full pile of sizes. Anyhow. These are water resistant on ALL sides, and in addition to the two zip pockets in front, there are deep side pockets on each leg. (Side note: should probably just call side pockets “girly phone holsters” because that’s what they are. Or “bobby pin eating abyss”. There are no pockets in the back.

The rise is nice and high and I *really* liked these. I had a difficult time choosing between the ‘hybrid’ and the ‘hybrid cargo’ options. Much time standing outside the fitting room trying to remind myself that I could only have one pair. Wearing an 8.

Headlands Hybrid Cargo Tight / Highline Hybrid Cargo Tight ($108) in black

These tights are the pair I went into the store in search of, and are the pair that I left with. The main differences between these and the others:

  • The zippers on the front pockets are covered, for a more casual look
  • Side pockets are smaller, but they zip shut
  • Two zip pockets on the rear
  • Only the front panel is water resistant

Even though I preferred the deeper side pockets on the other tights, these won out. I was worried the water-resistant fabric on all sides would be too hot. The shiny silver zippers on the front of the others looked a bit too dressy for the aesthetic I was going for, and the fact that there were pockets in the back sealed the deal. If I have a phone or paper I need to shove in a pocket right quick, My natural reaction is to stick in back, where I don’t need to worry about it bending or falling out if I need to crouch down or climb up and over something.

Tried both 8 and 10 – I opted for a 10 knowing I’d be wearing these to work and didn’t want to err on the side of too tight.

Run Free Bra ($49) in arbor olive camo

Again, hogwash on that ‘online exclusive’ bit. My store had plenty of both camo and black in stock. The fabric reminds me of the shiny luxtreme Energy Bras that lululemon was cranking out in 2014.

From the front it looks and fits like an Energy, and it’s got the super fun time in back. I liked it, did a few hops up and down and would probably feel okay running in this one. Unfortunately these come in S-M-L sizing, so if you are usually in between, you may have trouble finding one that fits just right. Wearing an M.


  1. You’re lucky to get 20% off coupon codes. Do you have an Athleta card? Just wondering how you are getting them. I often buy from Athleta (but with Banana card) and I never get any special discounts.

    I was at Atheta yesterday but just to do a couple returns. I had bought a pair of pants and some tights for a trip to Africa but decided I wasn’t in love with them enough to keep them. So I went to REI and found something more safari worthy.

    1. No Athleta card, but I do receive their product emails. I had a Banana card years ago, and when I used it rather often the discounts would be constant, likely to encourage me to spend more.

      Willing to bet that the system saw that the last 20% off was a success, so I got another one to keep the momentum going.

      1. Consider your in box lucky! I get Athleta emails almost every day but they never include any coupon codes. Maybe they think I don’t need any persuasion to visit the store and buy stuff.

        And I think you are right about your use of the coupon triggering receipt of another. Back in the day I used to buy a lot of work clothes from Ann Taylor and I always got coupons…which I used…then got more coupons. I haven’t bought from them in years and haven’t received any communication from them in years either.

  2. I got the camo run free bra with the matching tights – oh boy is my booty happy and my wallet crying. I want all the things from Athleta rn!!! And I have this sudden obsession with white shorts so I’m eyeballing the white hotty hot ii from lulu.

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