Review: K-Deer Jody Stripe Capri


Matthew McConaghey here, to say “alright alright alriiiight…” time to publish the review of the K-Deer Jody Stripe Capri, my first try of the K-Deer brand.

I had no idea where to start, or which stripe scheme to get. After a few DAYS of hemming and hawing, some sizing availability and the ability to match black & gray with everything led me to Jody.

Review: K-Deer Jody Stripe Capri ($88)

20170408-DSC_1016For those of you unfamiliar with K-Deer, each colourway in the Signature Stripe collection is associated with a specific charity, and a portion of sales are donated directly to that organization, so not only are you looking good in your new threads, you can feel good about doing a little good in the world when you buy them.

The K-Deer Jody Stripe Capri is best likened to a lululemon Hi-Rise Wunder Under Crop, with a paneled inseam like we see on the Align Pant and Crop.

Designers call it ‘high rise’, I call it muffin top patrol, and K-Deer does the job well. These are a perfectly snug fit around the midsection, falling just below my belly button. I’m 5’9″, so it may come up even further on ladies who are shorter than I am.

Lululemon isn’t the only brand that’s got the derriere-flattering stripe thing figure out. Happy to report that I quite enjoy the rear view in the mirror when I’ve got these on.

In the next photo down on the left, you can catch a peek of the solid paneling on the inseam. This design feature feels much nicer when it’s time to do pigeon pose or drop it down into a squat.

As for the fit, I laid a K-Deer size L flat over a lululemon Hi-Rise Wunder Under Crop. I found that…

  • The waistbands are the same size
  • The lengths are also the same
  • The entire way down, lululemon gives you about an inch more fabric in leg circumference, so these may fit a bit tighter if you’re used to living in lululemon

Finally, here’s the question that most ladies are concerned with… “are they sheer?”

I can’t believe I’m about to put this photo on the internet… BUTT here you go. You get a half-assed attempt at showing the results of the deadlift/squat test. Literally.


In this photo, I am wearing lululemon’s Light As Air Hipster (RIP) and sadly, you can see them. In any of the other non-bendy photos shown above, sheerness is a non-issue, but if you’re going to wearing these on squat day, stay away from the animal prints or any other skivvies that may have a message printed on them. Your friends will be able to read it.

The label & leg photos above were taken inside out. Instead of a woven pattern, these stripes are printed. Also, instead of the thick, flat seams commonly used on lululemon gear, these feature a more traditional seam.

As for the fabric, while it is in the middle of Luxtreme and Full-On Luxtreme on the sheen scale, the hand feel isn’t quite as soft as I’d expect it to be, but it didn’t bother me when I was wearing them.

After all is said, squatted, and done… I am happy with my purchase. They managed to make it through CrossFit once, but I will likely keep them reserved for less vigorous workout days. They are meant for yoga, after all. Because I’ve only worn and laundered them once, I can’t quite yet speak on the dye’s staying power, but I will update this post after a few washes if I notice any changes in color or fuzzing.

If you’re looking for a cute change of pace, direct your attention to this awesome small business that deserves your dollars. 🙂


  1. My Kdeers have though the wash hundreds of times, and the colors are still bright. Kdeer’s color intensity and colorfastness are unmatched!

  2. I ended up selling my pairs of k-deers… As cute as they are, I found them scratchy and I constantly had to pull them up during my workouts (pilates, spin, yoga). Also, my stripes didn’t match up perfectly which really bothered me! Glad yours are working out! They look great on you.

    1. I didn’t want to go as far as using the word ‘scratchy’, but I do understand where you’re coming from. I think I wore them during a simple rowing WOD.

      Thanks for the compliment! I hope mine hold up as I start to put them through more of their paces. 🙂

  3. I bought k-deers too, because I LOVE the look of the stripes. But sadly, I almost never wear them. I just don’t like the fabric. It’s not fair to say that the fabric is low quality, but there is a cheapness feel to me. It makes me sad to say that because they are so cute – I wish I loved them. The sheerness is kind of an issue, because a day at Crossfit with no squatting is rare.

    1. I’ll admit I was caught a bit off guard when I opened the package, I expected them to feel softer too! Spoiled by a winter of wearing Align Pants, I think.

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