Oh Hey: Nike Pro HyperCool Capri (Fitting Room Update)


Three weeks after my original post on these funky capris by Nike, I was able to give them a go in person. Keep reading from here for the original post + update, or if you’re here for the fitting room update, scroll on down to the blue text and pick back up!

So. It felt a bit rebellious to buy myself a pair of K-Deer crops last month, but it also feels good to widen the scope and start to keep up with how other brands have stepped up their game in recent years as athleisure has become a stylish norm. So, here we are.

Thanks to the Instagram machine, something by my brand du jour circa 2007-2009, Nike, caught my eye yesterday afternoon. These new capris by Nike Training popped up in my feed, and they’re the little bit of wild (but not too crazy) that has been absent from lululemon’s recent stock.

Nike Pro HyperCool Capri ($70) in Ghost Green/Black/Ghost Green

The Nike Pro line came out after I’d since gone bananas for the UA Shatter Capri, so it’s been years since giving any new Nike bottoms a go. While these crops have a bit of a lulu-ish vibe with the curved wraparound mesh paneling, said paneling doesn’t look as obviously mesh as lululemon’s varieties. It almost looks like black color blocking instead.


As for tech specs, Nike’s website unfortunately doesn’t list any inseam measurements. I don’t believe there are any pockets to be found in this design, so they may be best for a CrossFit WOD, when you’re not trying to keep any keys, phones or gels on your person.



As with a crop or pant from any other brand, I do have my reservations about bright colors printed on lighter base fabrics. Sheerness can make squat day a little awkward, and nobody has time to lose focus on squat day. On the page for these capris in a solid light gray, a reviewer noted her pair was very sheer, and Nike’s response was that ‘Nike Pro products are recommend as base layers’.

Therefore, keep that in mind if you come across or are considering a pair of these. Sometimes, printed patterns can help distract from what’s going on underneath, so this may end up being a non-issue.

Does anyone out there have any Nike Pro gear they swear by? This print’s got me paying attention to Team Swoosh again.

Photos: Nike.com

4/30/17 Update – Fitting Room Photos

So, I got my hands on a pair of these crops when I was cruising through Dick’s this afternoon. While I’d have preferred an L, all they had in stock was an XS and an M, so I had to make do.

While they don’t look all that bad, I didn’t feel all that comfortable in them.

  • The fabric felt very thin.
  • The waistband felt looser than it should have been for legs that size.
  • The ‘capri’ length they’re billed at will be about 7/8 on any woman 5’6″ and under. I’m 5’9″, and look how long they are.
  • Just like I’m not a print on fullux girl, these pants will lighten when stretched thanks to being printed on a white base.
  • Lastly, I don’t know if it’s the shadows or what, but they made my rear end look boxy!

I wanted to like them, I really did! Alas, I left them behind. As soon as I hopped back into the lululemon Fast & Free Crops I wore into the store, I felt at home again.


  1. These are really cute. But come on Nike, saying these are recommended as a base layer? Why make such a pattern to just hide it under another pair of pants? That response from them is annoying.

    Anyway, I have some Nike stuff and really like it, but I can’t lie, I love my lulu stuff just a little bit more.

    1. Not yet! They’re in my closet waiting for the chance to get some quality photos. Hopefully I can find some daylight this weekend, reviewing my K-Deers and lulu’s Gear Up LS are at the top of my list!

  2. Ya know.. this whole curved mesh thing is not Lululemon’s idea…. I mean, they’ve overdone it to hell and back, but it wasn’t their original idea.

  3. I have a pair of the Nike Pro Gear and I love the pant however I have to be honest I’m not crazy about the elastic waistband. I find that it is not as comfortable as my Lululemon high waist pants and tends to slip down when I run. I love the print of the pair you show above though but again the waistband is a deterrent for me.

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