Fit Review: lululemon Sleek City Jacket & Lightweight Relaxed Fit Down Vest


Store trips are becoming a thing again! Before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s empty this camera roll out with advice and sizing notes in case some of these wintry options end up on WMTM in the near future. Ain’t nobody got time for anxiety when lululemon’s markdowns are Final Sale.

Sizing Notes: I’m 5’9″ – in lululemon, I am a TTS 8 on top and a 10 on the bottom.

Sleek City Jacket ($168) in Black

You can tell that I got EXCITED when I put this jacket on. Love the wide collar to hide in. It’s filled with a thin layer of puff to keep you warm, and the cropped length makes it FASHUN.

Alas, I’ve always had trouble with jackets due to having big shoulders. Sadly, the sleeves on this jacket are disproportionately tight. If I lived with my arms down by my side all the time, I could have managed. Even with just a Swiftly LS layered underneath, the size 8 wasn’t going to work for me. Someone already bought the 10 so I was unable to give the next size up a try.

Love love LOVE the look of this jacket, but if you have big shoulders, be cautious that it may not feel like the home run it looks like.


Likes: Wide collar, lightweight warmth
Dislikes: Tight sleeves
Sizing: Go up one if you have muscular arms
Did I buy it? No
Why Not? Size up not available to try in store, oh well.

Lightweight Relaxed Fit Down Vest ($148) in Canyon Orange

I tried this one on out of curiosity on fit and color. I have 2 lulu vests, a black still crushing it from 2014, and a Cassis Down For it All I grabbed on markdown last year. Figured I’d give a newbie a try.

Not sure what I was hoping for, but this wasn’t it. Because it’s a puffer, this piece ballooned out and did a funky little thing in back.. If you’re into the oversize sweatshirt trend, this vest will work great for you. I tend to wear tops on the tighter side, so it felt like I was wearing a bubble with too much extra air space inside.


Likes: 😬
Dislikes: Roomy fit made me look boxy, no stretch
Sizing: Plenty of room for TTS.
Did I buy it? No
Why Not? Doesn’t really fit my personal style.

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