WMTM Alert: Here’s the 4/11

lululemonWMTM Alert

Well that’s super convenient – one day after I post the Fitting Room photos, the price of the Early Morning Dress gets slashed in HALF. For $59? I’d buy that. Get ready, ladies… the price point of $29 is about to appear a LOT in this post. Like, 10+ times. I’mma shush now so you can get to scoring.

WMTM Alert: 4/11/19 Edition

  • Camo! The evergreen camo multi Speed Up Tight is down to $79, if and only if you can squeeze into a size 0
  • The amazonite Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew is a gorgeous color and $59 in all sizes. FWIW Serene blue is also marked down.
  • Early Morning Dress – huge markdown to $59, in every color there is, including black
  • Fellow road warriors, the Out of Range Kit is down to $29. Worth the $$$ IMHO.
  • Speaking of amazonite, the Free to Be Bra is also marked down in all sizes 2-14
  • More $29 tie-back tank fun: the Goal Up Tank is marked down in all sizes and colors, Spaced Out Space Dye Black White is my favorite.
  • Check my Fitting Room photos before making a decision on the following:
  • The Eucalyptus Cool Racerback is $34 and available in all sizes except 6. Tonic Sea is $29, but only available in a 10.
  • Also $29 is the Cool Racerback II in Luon Spray Jacquard White Black, all sizes
  • Lucky 2’s & 4’s can pick up the Short Serve Stripe Heathered So Merlot White All Tied Up Tank for $39
  • I love Baller Hats, and lazurite is just $29. Scooooore!
  • You know what a Brunswick Muscle Tank is perfect for aside from yoga/barre? $29 PAJAMAS. Pink glow or citrus ice are both stellar choices.
  • Speaking of pastel things, you can add a serene blue On the Beat Belt Bag to your spring lineup. I’m still ogling the poppy one uploaded earlier this week.
  • Unsurprisingly, the Unwind Your Mind Dress is down to $49. You may be able to rescue the look with a safety pin to keep the knot up closer to the cinched waist.
  • You know what’s nicer than an $18 Namastay Put Hipster? The same thing, but for $9.
  • I dig lululemon’s stripe mesh fabric, so I’m stoked to see the following marked down:
    • All Love Tank *Striped Mesh – $29, Black, white and olive are available in sizes 10 & 12 only. Too bad this deal doesn’t fit me 🙁
    • All Love Crew *Striped Mesh – $39, Dark Olive: 2,4,8,10 – White & Black: 2-10
    • All Love Tee *Striped Mesh – $39 – this is the V-neck version. Of the 3 color options, only a size 12 cloud blue is sold out. Full size runs are available in both black and white.
  • Can’t worry about your favorite white tee yellowing and fading if you just go straight for the heathered light ivory Love Tee V, amirite? It’s $39.
  • Last, but not least before I hunt down some lunch, bodysuit lovers have two marked down options:

Whew. That was a lot of typing. I need another coffee. Just kidding no I don’t it’s 12:38p and I’ve already had three.

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  1. Do you have a post about the baller hat? I love that color but as it’s WMTM and you can’t return, never have tried on the hat and don’t know if it would fit. What to you think? Does it cover head, wear well, etc?

    1. No post about it, but I carry one with me 100% of the time when I travel. They’re adjustable, so don’t worry about fit – you’ll be able to make sure it fits your head just right 🙂

      My Baller Hats are A+ for when I want to hide from the general public

  2. As for the all love tanks-check if there are any in store! Usually they honor the wmtm price for a phone order.

  3. I ordered the purple striped F&F crops and they are taking forever to get to me. It used to be I’d order and have in 2 days. Now, I’m waiting a full week or more between shipping notice and arrival. My F&Fs have been vacationing in WA for about 4 days!!

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