Fit Review: lululemon Fast and Free Windbreaker (Size Comparison)


If you follow along with my unhinged mileage over on TikTok (@athletikaty), then you know I regularly have beef with the wind. It throws me into a tizzy, and I don’t really have a nice windbreaker in visible colors that could significantly reduce my climate-related misery. Perhaps I’ve met my new springtime run buddy?

Sizing Notes: I’m 5’9″ – in lululemon, I am a TTS 8 on top and a 10 on the bottom.

Fast and Free Windbreaker ($198) in Black – Size 10

Some items I bring into the fitting room to assess the hype, but a lot of the time it’s because I actually want/need something. This time around, it was the latter. I hate wind.

The sleeves are a great length, they felt like there was room for a GPS watch, thankfully. Length and the higher collar should certainly protect you from the elements. (Won’t really know without a road test.) I already have tons of black, and this color obviously won’t help visibility if you’re running on the road, so it was tough to justify buying this one.


Likes: Windbreaking, black goes with everything, room to breathe.
Dislikes: It’s 198 beans… the price equivalent of a Down For it All Jacket
Sizing: Slim. Fits like a Define Jacket.
Did I buy it? No
Why Not? I already have a ton of black jackets. Price point. I’d probably have bit for $150.

Fast and Free Windbreaker ($198) in Vivid Plum – Size 8

Jackets are hit and miss for me going TTS. This is what size I’m *supposed* to wear, and typically what size I take in bras and tank tops 19x out of 20.

I really liked the slim look, but it runs on the smaller side. There was a little bit of pulling across the chest, and the neck felt a wee bit chokey when I tried to zip it up all the way. LOVED the color, but I had to think of comfort when running, and if I’d be able to put up with limited freedom to move.

I wouldn’t say the sizing was out of whack, but I will say that it fits like a Define Jacket. If you size up in those, you’ll want to size up in the Fast and Free Windbreaker as well.


Likes: Slim fit in the bodice, the gorgeous color.
Dislikes: High neck had me worried about friction under my chin when fully zipped. Some pulling in chest when zipped.
Sizing: Fits like a Define Jacket. Choose accordingly.
Did I buy it? No*
Why Not? Ran a little small, potential chin chafing, price point.


There’s a Vivid Plum in stock at my local lululemon, and I have half a mind to go and buy the Vivid Plum in size 10. No… I have a whole mind. I typed that first sentence, and then I tabbed over because of FOMO. Order placed.

I got the Vintage Plum Stretch Ripstop Running Half Zip the day I tried these two on, but I haven’t de-tagged it yet. Katy, you may keep one or the other. Choices must be made.

Or do they?

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  1. I love that fast and free jacket, especially in plum, but like you, I wondered about ease of movement. Looks great though.

  2. If I were you, I would get the jacket (in 10) and return the half-zip, which is not nearly as flattering…

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