The Fitting Room: Lululemon (Part I)


This is what happens when I’m left unsupervised on a Saturday. Katy lists 23 items on Posh, feels good about herself, goes and buys more stuff even though only 5/23 items have sold so far.

The Fitting Room: Lululemon

I brought a TON into the fitting room with me today, so I’m going to break this session up into a two-part deal. Today, I’m featuring the following:

Tomorrow, you can look forward to:

I misbehaved and walked out with 3 items, only to go home and order another. I got a Swiftly Tech LS in white/white/black, the Round Trip Jacket and a lucky locally marked down Fleece & Thank You Pullover. (I said last time if it got marked down it was mine… well it was and now it is.)

Open Up Tie Back Tee ($68) & Daily Lineup 7/8 Tight ($118)

I have to admit I went right past the tee when it uploaded on Tuesday. The way it’s styled on the model doesn’t show off how you can tie it up in the back. The green is also far nicer IRL than it appears on lululemon’s website. I’m in a TTS 8 with plenty of room without its feeling excessively baggy.

As for the tights, they’re unlike any lulu I’ve tried on before. The fabric is ribbed and consistently compressive all over. Seams and panels are strategically placed, and the rise is nice and high. If you’re in the market for something new and different because you already own every other luxtreme, luon and nulux incarnation there is, you may fall for these the second you put them on. My TTS 10 was a perfect fit.

Catch a Moment Zip Hoodie ($128)

So this is a little bit random, but the two words that came to mind when I put this hoodie on were baby blanket.

It runs on the roomier side, there’s plenty of room available in this TTS 8. It’s super soft, and it has a little bit of weight to it to make it feel cozy. Wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. I can see this becoming an around the house staple for a lot of people.

Scenic Route 7/8 Tight ($118)

Yeah, I awarded these tights with Dud status and after trying them on I’m not changing my mind.

Size wise, they run small. Trying on my usual 10 I felt like I was borderline pulling up Spanx leggings. The fabric is a thick knit with a denim-ish vibe and slight sheen.

Too heavy to sweat in, but not enough to run errands or head out into the elements in.

Play off the Pleats Skirt ($68)

Adorable, yes. Too short for me when I need to work outdoors in the hotter months, also yes. Someone get this girl a TALL! 🙂


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  1. I like the daily lineup tights, too. I hope they will come out in another color. I already have the dark sport red in my Fast and Frees. And yes… the seaming was really flattering on your booty. 🍑

    1. I didn’t pick up the tights, mainly because I had a few other items on the brain. Judging by the way they felt in the Fitting Room, I have no reason to believe they would fall down during a workout. They felt like a nice, compressive fit.

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