Review: Lululemon Salty Swim Sport Top & Hipster


With a little extra time on my hands last Friday afternoon, I took a trip to my local store to snag the Spring Break Away Shorts. Surprisingly, swimwear made it far enough north to be featured in store. So, I took it upon myself to try some on for myself and see if all the online reviews were true about the swimwear sizing’s being far too small.

What I tried on:
– Salty Swim Sport Top
– Salty Swim Hipster
– Surf Short (will cover this in another post)

I was pleasantly surprised with the Sport Top and Hipster. I run between an 8 and 10 in both tops & bottoms and am generally a hesitant person when it comes to buying swimwear. Why? I’ll admit it, I’ve got some midsection squish. Until I stop thinking beer & cookies are a good idea, the best MO is to try and flatter what I’ve got instead of hide it.

Salty Swim Sport Top

Salty Swim Sport Top – I’d originally grabbed it just for the sake of putting a swim top on with the hipster to get the full effect. Go figured I put it on and was like AGH I LOVE IT. On the hanger I was unsure of the mesh, but on a person it gives off a cute and feminine vibe. Plus, it’s reversible and there are no strings to worry about coming undone. This was coming home with me, no questions asked. (FYI on the support factor, there is none. If you like to run on the beach, don’t do it in this.)

Salty Swim Hipster – Here’s where I was nervous. Girls all over the internet claiming their size 2 butts were fitting into 6’s and women who wear 4’s running around buying 8’s. I had a black cloud outlook going into this, but I had to try in the name of ‘research’… right? That’s what we will call it. I didn’t even bother grabbing the 8. While it’s slightly lower cut in front than anything else I own (I’ve been a VS/VS Pink swimwear girl for years), I looked in the mirror and was surprised by the lack of self-loathing that was looking back at me. I turned around and believe it or not, it was about as flattering as it could be.

So. Are the lulu swim bottoms really TTS? For my body, yes.

Yes… it pinched a little bit. But how else do you expect a swimsuit to stay on when you finally get wet? If you’re trying to be super cute and never go near the water and want to make sure your bottoms lay absolutely flat against your lower hips… then do what many others are doing and size up 1-2 sizes.

However, I have learned that the hard way in the past that a swimsuit that doesn’t feel a bit tight is NOT going to stay put when you need it to. The fitting room photo kind of sucks, so once I get outside and onto a beach I’ll share what the full suit looks like!

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