The Best of Athleta’s Current Markdowns


Remember when I posted that Battle Stripes back in January, pitting the Lululemon parallel stripe Wunder Under vs the Athleta Stripe Contender, throwing in the Elation Virasana as a curveball that left me wishing I’d picked up a pair? Probably not.

Well, Athleta’s been sending emails about new markdowns, and they include the 7/8 version of the tights I wish I bought a few months ago. I see you, Elation Virasana Stripe 7/8 Tight! For $71.99, you tempt me. In the photos below I’m wearing the full length version in an M, which was pretty compressive if I remember correctly.

I’ve been quiet on the Athleta front lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped paying attention. Seasons are changing both indoors and outdoors, meaning ’tis the season to score, no matter if you’re a Lululemon, Athleta or a Sweaty Betty fiend.

  • Lucky 0’s strike again! My favorite jeans are Athleta’s Sculptek™ Skinny Jean, and I foolishly missed out on the carbon wash. Size 0 is still available for $88.99 and the rest of us are SOL. {Fit Review}
  • The Mercer Tight, which averages 4.7/5 stars in 228 reviews can’t be a bad piece to own. Auberge, a deep burgundy color, is only $32.99 for sizes XS and L. Currently in my cart, obvi.
  • For $39.97, I can live with a drawstring on the Headlands Hybrid Pant. I love their cargo cousin, and am in fact, wearing said cargo tights right now.
  • The Coastal Teal Running Free Short looks they want to look cute on me while I’m out for a hike. I can read shorts’ minds. It’s a special power I have.
  • Same thing goes for the Spar Colorblock 7/8 Tight, which are only $54.99 now. The black/olive/neon reminds me of the Chevron Shuffle Fatigue Green Black Speed Shorts that I never should have sold 🙁
  • If you’re into the moto style, I own a pair and can vouch for the fact that the Stash Pocket Moto Tight In Powervita are essentially moto-styled Align Pants with side pockets with a little bit more compression. Black will still run you $98, but lilac stone & coastal teal are priced down in the $67-74 range.
  • Speaking of moto, I’m a little bit salty that I paid full price for the Madison Moto Tight and now they’re marked down to $46.99. If you’re in between sizes, err up on these. They’re a bit too “tights” for me to wear to work but too “pants” to wear to the gym, so I admittedly haven’t worn them as much as I thought I would.

Dinner Costs More Than This

Because they offer such a broad range of sizes, there are some deals on the New Markdowns page that may seem to be too good to be true. Thank grilled cheese for the existence of size filters – but even when adding in plain jane M/8/10 search parameters, I now find myself with a shopping cart that I really ought to think about paring down.

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  1. Get the striped elation! I love mine – so soft and compressive at same time and make like legs look long (yours already are…but still). I’m going to see if I can hop on those mercer tights

    1. I really want to get them, but I ended up keeping the lulu Hi-Rise Wunder Unders back in January – I’ve held off on ordering at the moment, fearing too much twinning in my closet >.<

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