The Fitting Room: Lululemon (Part II)


Yeah, my latest haul into the fitting room was so deep that it got too long for a single post. So, here’s the rest!

The Fitting Room: Lululemon (Part II)

Catch up with Part I here, today we are covering:

In Movement 7/8 Tight ($98)

Everlux and I are having a moment lately. The TTS 10 fits perfectly, I love the 7/8 length and basically want to not buy any more Align Pants now that Everlux and I have gotten together. It’s got that same luxe feel as Aligns, but you can sweat it out in these.

Reds are iffy on the bend test, and for some reason I’m feeling particularly shameless today, so here is photo evidence. Happy to report that I had to look hard to find any evidence of sheerness. You can’t see it in photos, and I could hardly see it when I was bending more than anyone ever really does. My official (aka arbitrary) ruling is that star ruby everlux is 95% not sheer.

City Core Tight ($128)

I had high hopes for these, but I don’t think I was ready for what a nulux yoga-ish pant was going to feel like. I’m wearing a TTS 10 and as a whole, there wasn’t much compression EXCEPT… the waistband.

My Fast & Free Crops perform very well and are my undisputable half marathon crops. On the other hand, my F&F tights sometimes slide down, and perhaps that’s what they were trying to fix with this design – because the high rise waist band was definitely snugger than most other lululemon tights.

All in all, I wasn’t as wowed by these tights as I’d hoped to be. I’d normally think of sizing down to get the compression, but I wouldn’t have been able to deal with an even tighter waistband.

Round Trip Jacket ($118)

CUE THAT FEELING MARIE KONDO HAPPILY SQUEAKS ABOUT. I walked by this one on a whim and grabbed it off the rack with zero expectations. This was the most joyful piece I’d tried on all day, and that giddy feeling was one that definitely needed to be brought home.

Seeing that it’s mine now, I will shoot some better photos this week and post a full review soon. If you can’t wait that long, my Cliff’s Notes are: size up (think Define Jacket sizing) because this slim fitting 10 is slim on my TTS 8 frame. The collar is nice and high, the length is long, and it makes me look skinny after eating pizza & bagels all week on vacation. Love at first zip. <3

On the Fly Pant ($98)

I tried, I really did, but the loosey goosey pant thing just isn’t for me. I have 3 pairs of joggers/sweats that I wear around the house. Otherwise, I am thinking about it now and ALL of my pants in real life are a tighter fit.

I can see the appeal if that’s your style, they have a nice weight to them and you feel like you’re FREEEEEEE while wearing them. The 10s were a bit loose for my liking, but going down to an 8, you could see the pocket lines on the front, which were a bit distracting. I tried, I really did, but they don’t really suit my personal style.

Side note: why the hell can’t I ever remember to wear normal socks when trying things on? Those Smartwools really complete the look, huh. Also pictured, the Swiftly that I bought. 🙂

Always Effortless Jacket ($128)

This jacket has been on my mind since it dropped on Tuesday. Almost immediately the lulu app said my local store didn’t have an 8 in stock, so I just figured they didn’t get any in. I was happily surprised to see them on the wall, but it turns out some other savvy shopper had already snagged the only 8 in frontier.

I tried the 10 on to test out the color, and then went to the pink bliss to test it out for size. I like the fabric, it seems a bit more rugged than usual. I ultimately went home and ordered an 8 in frontier, so there will be an upcoming review on this one too. Come on mailman!


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  1. The sleeves on the jacket look short. Are they as short as they look in the pictures? It does look amazing on you.

  2. I’m so glad you did lots of try ons! I bought the In Movement tights in star ruby. With nude underwear they are opaque and the color is so pretty. I had my eye on the City Core tights but thanks to your review I can cross them off my list. And I’m also thinking about that round trip jacket… I usually wear an 8 in jackets like you, and the 10 looks like a great fit on you. I’m hoping it will be offered in other colors. Thanks for the try ons!

    1. Loved the In Movements, but I know with RnR training starting soon that 7/8 length tights are not going to be in high demand in my outfit rotation over the next few months 🙂

      Definitely size up if you give the Round Trip a try!

  3. I just bought my first pair of Fast & Free 7/8 pants in Dark Red. Is there a big difference in fit/feel between the Fast & Free and the In Movement tights? Also, do you know if either color shows sweat really easily? Thanks!

    1. If you haven’t worn Everlux before, they have a totally different fabric feel to them. Think sweat-wicking align pants. They have a bit of a suede-ish handfeel to them. I happened to be wearing my gray everlux tights when I saw this notification post-workout, so I literally poured water on my leg to see what they’d look like saturated. The gray darkened so you could see a spot. You may have better luck with the red, but by memory alone I’m not sure if they’d be 100% immune.

      When it comes to not showing sweat spots, the only truly ‘safe’ color is black.

  4. Hey! Personal opinion, but do you think someone could get away with wearing the On The Fly pants at work (in an office or business casual setting)? And did the pants have any give to them? Thanks! : )

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