The Fitting Room: Lululemon (Again)


Me again! Almost done with the Scottsdale recap, I swear. Four more!

Tuck & Gather Pullover ($98) in Heathered Mod Faint Coral

Had I not walked out of the store with the jet stream Fast & Frees in hand, I’d have gone for the Tuck & Gather Pullover instead. The 80-degree weather didn’t have me in a sweatshirt mood, but this TTS 8 was a perfect fit and probably the most flattering item I tried on all day.

To the Beat Tight ($128) in Plum Shadow

Here I go being a proper young woman on the internet again. I did the bend test in a TTS 10, and there was a slight amount of sheerness in the fullest bend I could muster. I think Everlux is a wonderful fabric and really like the design of the To the Beat Tight, but I opted not to add these into the rotation at this point in time given that warmer run weather is here and I’ll be running ALL THE MILES in my Fast & Frees.

Early Morning Dress ($118) in black

Honestly, I tried this dress on because I didn’t really like it at all when I first saw it upload. The back looked like it was totally open and leaving your derriere in the breeze, and that this dress was meant to be nothing more than a swim cover-up.

I grabbed a TTS 8 and was pleasantly surprised to find that the fabric is weighty and technical. I am also happy to confirm every woman’s favorite words about dress shopping: it has pockets!

While I was digging the neckline and the pockets in front, the back was a little odd to me. The dress is fully sewn shut on the back, but the flap detail in the back… I couldn’t decide if I like it because it was a capelet to play with, or if it felt like I had a fin.

Ultimately, I decided that while I loved the way it looked and felt in the front, the aesthetic in back was a bit too casual for personal style.

Sheer Joy Jacket ($178) in black

Did I really grab the Sheer Joy Jacket off the rack for hahas? You bet I did. Turns out, I found myself liking it more than I thought I would. I forgot to snap a photo of the size tag so I’m 85% sure I’m wearing an 8 in these photos – meaning that the jacket’s got a generous fit.

I’ve got the amalfi blue Swiftly Tech SS on underneath, and it pops through without making it look too much like I’m wearing black saran wrap. Wasn’t supposed to like the Sheer Joy Jacket, and I ended up having to admit to myself that I kind of liked it. Not for $178 though.

So there’s that. As you can see I’ve got the jet stream Fast & Free Crop IIs on in the photos too, but seeing that I bought them, they’ll be getting their own post shortly. Hooray! 🙂

Side note: WHY do I always seem to have the cheeseburger socks on whenever I go into a fitting room?! I swear I own others.

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  1. that tuck and flow sweatshirt looked really nice on you! i’d snatch it up when it hit wmtm. i thought the back of the early morning dress was questionable too, until i saw it on you. i kinda like the dress now and it has pockets! the back looks cute and ‘flirty’. love your ‘try-on’ reviews!

    1. Thanks Sheryn! If they released the pullover in the fall I may have raced to buy it, but seeing that it’s warming up outside I’m afraid I wouldn’t have many opportunities to wear it before the next shiny (or cozy) object inevitably distracts me in September.

  2. Cheeseburger socks?! At first glance I thought they were some sort of strappy sandal… Those are awesome! 😂

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