#SeaKatyWheeze: 2018 Registration Thoughts

January 25th has come and gone, and for those of you who don't follow me on instagram, the 25th was the annual Day of Anxiety for all of those runners hoping to secure a bib to the 2018 Seawheeze Half Marathon. In years past, securing one of the 10,000 available bibs was much like trying… Continue reading #SeaKatyWheeze: 2018 Registration Thoughts

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#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 18 Recap

Eighteen short weeks later, we're oh so close to crossing the finish line. In less than 14 hours, I will have a Seawheeze finisher's medal around my neck. So, this past week. What have I been doing leading up to the big race? Traveling, running, and eating a bunch of carbs and calling it 'race… Continue reading #SeaKatyWheeze: Week 18 Recap

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2017 Seawheeze Showcase Haul

Welp, another year another showcase store. Thankfully, lululemon listened to the feedback we had on all the drab Seawheeze patterns from 2016 and seems to have righted the ship. Hooray! This year, we saw a 10 item limit on apparel & bags, and I did *not* think I'd actually have to pause and count my… Continue reading 2017 Seawheeze Showcase Haul

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#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 16 Recap

Seeing that I'm sitting in Vancouver, prepared to finish this race in the next 49 hours, I should probably finish off my training logs, huh? #SeaKatyWheeze - Week 16 Recap Day 106 - Sunday 7/23 Bike 13mi Fun on two wheels! All the time in Minneapolis, I had bicycle envy of anyone out on the… Continue reading #SeaKatyWheeze: Week 16 Recap

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#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 15 Recap

Still trying to get up to speed (pun intended) on these recaps... seeing that AUGUST is upon us. Sneeps! #SeaKatyWheeze - Week 15 Recap Day 99 - Sunday 7/16 Rest Day While it was a rest day on paper, I worked for about 14 hours on Sunday. So... that's got to count for something, right?… Continue reading #SeaKatyWheeze: Week 15 Recap

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Full Collection: 2017 SeaWheeze Exclusives

Ah, nothing like spending a good half hour lollygagging in bed, taking and cropping umpteen million screenshots of last night's video tease. So we crazy shoppers can strategize, Seawheeze has released a sneak peek at the FULL collection in advance of the annual Showcase store, so, you know... we can all plan our financial demises… Continue reading Full Collection: 2017 SeaWheeze Exclusives

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Preview: 2017 SeaWheeze Exclusives (Women’s)

New in 2017, lululemon offered SeaWheeze runners a special chance to order 2 items from a small selection of exclusive gear in advance of the annual showcase extravaganza. After compulsively refreshing all morning, I was fortunate to be sitting and my computer when the happy email came through around 12:30p ET. I know, you're not… Continue reading Preview: 2017 SeaWheeze Exclusives (Women’s)

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#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 14 Recap

At the conclusion of Week 13, it became apparent in my inconsistent training and lackluster results that I was starting to buckle under the load of work, training and inadequate nutrition & sleep. #SeaKatyWheeze - Week 14 Recap Day 92 - Sunday 7/9 >>> INTERVENTION <<< Week 13 ended with a long run that was… Continue reading #SeaKatyWheeze: Week 14 Recap