#SeaKatyWheeze: Taper Week!

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SeaWheeze 2018 Race Day Ready!

Can someone please pull up a map, because… Kenya. KENYA BELIEVE SEAWHEEZE IS HERE?!

*audience boos*

I can’t believe how quickly and slowly this training cycle has flown by. It’s been anything but easy, peasy, or lululemon squeezy. What I love and hate most about running this distance is that it tests my focus and mental fortitude.

Often times you hear the phrase ‘mind over matter’, which can hold true in many cases.

I’m glad I didn’t look up the paces on Wednesday’s workout until after I was done. Proves to me that SeaWheeze 2018 may be a more mental than physical game this go around. I’m not worried about if I can run 13.1mi and how I’ll feel. I know that I can.

According to TrainingPeaks my fitness does NOT match where I was at before last year’s race, so I’ve haven’t been as confident in my abilities to match last year’s performance.

#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 17

Day 113 – Sunday 9/16

My attempt to officially return to normalcy over the weekend somewhat succeeded. I grocery shopped, I sat on my couch and watched football, and I felt a little bit bad about not going for a run. But, whatever. Taper week, amirite? I had a strategy for the rest of the week so I didn’t want to F it up.

That’s what I’m telling myself to justify my sedentary Sunday.

Day 114 – Monday 9/17

Run 3mi HR<145

This run felt whatever. So that I get the blah whatever workouts out of the way before the big day, I’ll let them happen.

Day 115 – Tuesday 9/18

Run 6x400m – 5mi Total

The leftover rain from Florence moved its way on up the east coast and Wednesday was a bit of a washout. Knowing that I didn’t want to pack wet shoes into a suitcase the next day, I asked (and was granted) permission to do one last speed workout indoors.

Distracted by shiny objects per usual, I asked Joanna my pace for the 400s, she said 8.2mph, and I didn’t even bother to look it up, because I was going to have to set the treadmill for that speed whether I knew how fast it was or not.

At 6:45a I was at my corporate wellness center putting in air-conditioned work on that hamster wheel at 7:19/mi, and it felt awesome. Shoot, I even ramped it up to 8.3, a 7:13. Mind you, my mile PR is just under 7:00 and I haven’t hit that since 2013 or so.

Day 116 – Wednesday 9/19

Run 3mi HR<145

It’s been 17 weeks. I’m out of ideas on how to make an HR run sound notable. That one felt meh at best, especially in comparison to the speedy work from the day before.

Day 117 – Thursday 9/20

Travel 2595 Miles… to VANCOUVER

Day 118 – Friday 9/21

Shakeout Run – 3.25mi

Yeah, I ‘ran’ along the final mile of the course a few times (and turned around before my intended halfway point when a gaggle of geese wouldn’t shoo), so at least I was able to commit to memory that NO, the finish line isn’t just past LIFT, it’s another half mile away past that little tilty shack on stilts.

Final training run in the books felt unremarkable at best, but if I have to have an uninspired run or two this week, I’d rather get them out of the way before Saturday.

Between the shakeout run and walking all over Vancouver (ok so looping through the Showcase for over an hour), and I managed to clock 21,000+ steps in the day. Whoops.

I now sit here typing this final log with a stomach full of carbs and a real fear of the steady rain and 56 degrees that await us at 7:00a tomorrow. I thought that running in the rain was badass until you know, reality set in on the walk back from dinner.

Day 119 – Saturday 9/22



#SeaKatyWheeze Cumulative Stats


Miles Run: 14.25
WODs Done: 0
Calories Burned: 1574
Miles Traveled: 2595
Nights on the Road: 3


Miles Run: 332.3
WODs Done: 17
Calories Burned: 43122
Miles Traveled: 21885
Nights on the Road: 63

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