#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 14 Training Recap

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I hope you like reading the words Rest Day, you’re going to see them a lot in this post. For those who haven’t pieced it together yet, I was in NY working the US Open for a month. Tournament play started during Week 14 of training, and that means my work days just got even longer. I made good progress in Week 13 to keep with the shorter, more frequent workouts. However, Week 14 made it tough to find any energy to keep my training act together. I did what I could.

#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 14

Day 92 – Sunday 8/26

ROMWOD + Run 3mi HR <145

Two things I have a tough time with: framing photos & Twisted Lizard pose

8:52p gym time suuuuucks. At least I got a treadmill with a functioning TV this time. I think I watched Seinfeld reruns. Okay, so I tried. When the screen is a foot from your face, the picture bounces and makes you queasy.

Day 93 – Monday 8/27

Rest Day


Worked a lot, again. Highlight of the day was this red velvet ice cream sandwich with cream cheese ice cream. I logged 15,543 steps at work, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Day 94 – Tuesday 8/28


IMG_9064Worked a lot again. Only until like, 9pm this time. I made a rule that if I’m not ON that treadmill by 9pm then the night is a wash. So, two accidental rest days in a row. Still managed to crack 10,000 steps.

Day 95 – Wednesday 8/29

ROMWOD + Run 3.5mi

I knew I HAD to get my rear end downstairs for a run no matter what time it was. So, to make sure I didn’t flake out, I made it downstairs to the treadmill at 5:34a for this doozie:

Warm Up
10 min @ 11:23 min/mi

Ramp up in 10 steps:
1 min @ 10:40 min/mi
1 min @ 10:17 min/mi
1 min @ 09:48 min/mi
1 min @ 09:29 min/mi
1 min @ 09:11 min/mi
1 min @ 08:48 min/mi
1 min @ 08:32 min/mi
1 min @ 08:17 min/mi
1 min @ 07:59 min/mi
1 min @ 07:45 min/mi

Ramp down in 10 steps:
1 min @ 07:45 min/mi
1 min @ 07:59 min/mi
1 min @ 08:17 min/mi
1 min @ 08:32 min/mi
1 min @ 08:48 min/mi
1 min @ 09:11 min/mi
1 min @ 09:29 min/mi
1 min @ 09:48 min/mi
1 min @ 10:17 min/mi
1 min @ 10:40 min/mi

Cool Down
10 min @ 11:23 min/mi

This was my usual pyramid on steroids. Instead of increasing 0.1mph per minute, I went up by 0.2mph. I don’t know how I was able to hang on, but I did. Set a new 10min Heart Rate PR at 184 BPM, so there’s that. Still felt good, though. Something about the self satisfaction of being one of those early morning wackos in the gym hustling it out. Also, the two rest days prior may have had something to do with it.

Day 96 – Thursday 8/30

Travel 1261mi

Early morning flight, walked straight off said flight and headed (almost) directly to work for the rest of the day. I may have stopped at Chick-fil-A for an unhealthy treat. I only allow myself to eat there when I’m south of the Mason-Dixon line, and Mississippi obviously counts.

If you were ever curious what it looks like on Rikers Island, here’s an aerial.

Day 97 – Friday 8/31

Rest Day… Again

I should have gotten a little run in, but I really hadn’t had much time to myself in the last few weeks, so I took the welcome opportunity to crawl myself under the covers by 8:30p. In my defense, my body was on Eastern time, and I was in the Central time zone. So I’m only somewhat lame, not utterly and completely lame.

Before that, I won Friday by scoring a cute athletic skirt that looks dressy, has pockets and shorts built in… for $8.00 on the TJ Maxx clearance rack. Go, me.

Day 98 – Saturday 9/1

Run 10mi

The change of scenery for the weekend for work also brought a shift in schedule for Saturday. Because it was going to be a late night, I didn’t have to leave for work until noon. I took to the internet to find the nearest running trail along a river, and found myself a 4.5mi paved round trip that would get the job done if I did it twice plus some.

Given how sporadic training and taxing work had both been, this run felt surprisingly strong. I only spent, oh… 8.5 of 10 miles worried about seeing a snake on the trail. Less than 20min into my run, a gentleman headed the opposite way on the trail stopped me to let me know he’d just seen a snake crossing the trail up ahead, and he may be gone but don’t be alarmed if you see one.

I ran nervous for the next 90 minutes. So that was fun. That guy wins MVP though.

#SeaKatyWheeze Cumulative Stats


Miles Run: 16.5
WODs Done: 0
Calories Burned: 1899
Miles Traveled: 1261
Nights on the Road: 7


Miles Run: 281.5
WODs Done: 16
Calories Burned: 36738
Miles Traveled: 17931
Nights on the Road: 51

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  1. I think I’m doing OK when I’m on the road for all of three days a month (at most) for work and I manage to squeeze in a workout on two of those days, but then I see this and…mad respect, lady.

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