#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 13 Training Recap

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So here’s the thing about working 80+ hours a week. It’s like working two full-time jobs. Extra time to train, relax, blog? HA! Why else do you think I’m writing this log a few weeks behind schedule?

Now that the race is only 6 days away, time to bring it on home and share how the rest of my summer went!

It became apparent that I wasn’t going to have the time or daylight to get in the longer runs that I’m used to in a half marathon training cycle. While it came with a known sacrifice in endurance, Joanna and I decided that quick 30-40min workouts as frequently as possible were going to be the most manageable when it came to dealing with my bear of a work schedule.

#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 13

Day 85 – Sunday 8/19

Run 3mi

This one was a bit aimless, and my training log notes only read “forgot my water like an idiot.” After a few minutes of apparently deciding on tunes and speed, I just went.

I ran a mile at 6.0mph, the second at 6.1 and the third at 6.2mph. Nothing to write home about, but here I am writing home about it. The most action of that evening was when the treadmill demagnetized my hotel room key, and the front desk wanted to see my ID before issuing new keys. Because we all bring our license to the gym, right?

Day 86 – Monday 8/20

ROMWOD + Run 3.15mi

This run was a 30min pyramid. Great for when you have the attention span of a gnat and need to pay attention to something that’s constantly changing in order to keep your mind off of things. I started at 5.5mph and increased the speed .01mph every minute.

Once I hit 7.0, I maintained for a minute and then worked my way down. Pyramids are a go-to treadmill workout for me on the road when I can’t think of anything else to do.

Day 87 – Tuesday 8/21

ROMWOD + Run 3mi HR<145

HR miles on a treadmill are a slog, to say the least. It didn’t help that the tv monitor on the hotel treadmill wasn’t functioning properly, so it was stuck on some fuzzy weird channel with a bad food/cooking show with a dweeby male host.

It did not help that I had to double take when the graphic with said host’s name came up on the screen. It was the same exact name of a guy I used to be in a situationship with. Seriously? Unnecessary. Treadmill TV congrats on making that run lamer than it needed to be.

Day 88 – Wednesday 8/22

ROMWOD + Run 3.25mi

Extra pat on the back to myself for doing this one at 5:30a. This was called “Rollers”.

Warm-up for 10 min –> HR pace. Then:
2:00 incline 3.0
3:00 incline 2.0
1:00 incline 1.0
Repeat 3x
7 min cooldown to walk

Not gonna lie, I don’t know if I was amped up because LOOK AT ME I AM AT THE GYM AT 5 LIKE AN OVERACHIEVER or that I expected the inclines to be tougher than they were.

Day 89 – Thursday 8/23


Don’t worry I look like Quasimodo. Totally cool. Let’s add a moody filter to totally make it weird. No running on Thursday, because my boss wanted to take me out for dinner to celebrate that I recently got a promotion at work. Who am I to say no to KATY GETS TO PICK THE RESTAURANT?! Tapas FTW.

Day 90 – Friday 8/24

Run 3mi HR<145

Zzzzz… late night podcast time on the treadmill. Highlights of the work day included Ben & Jerry’s and buying a giant tennis ball.

Day 91 – Saturday 8/25

“Switchblade” – Run 4mi


Another Joanna special, I was nervous about how this workout was going to go.

Warm up 1.00 mi @ 11:23 min/mi
Hard – 1.00 mi @ 08:48 min/mi
Harder – 0.50 mi @ 08:17 min/mi
Easy – 0.50 mi @ 10:40 min/mi
Cool Down – 1.00 mi @ 11:23 min/mi

I was nervous with no reason to be. My CrossFit brain can much more easily process tougher work in short bursts. 40 minutes looks long on paper, but it felt like it went by in a flash. I’ll definitely be saving this run to repeat as random winter treadmill ‘fun’.

#SeaKatyWheeze Cumulative Stats


Miles Run: 19.4
WODs Done: 0
Calories Burned: 2093
Miles Traveled: 0
Nights on the Road: 7


Miles Run: 264.65
WODs Done: 16
Calories Burned: 34839
Miles Traveled: 16670
Nights on the Road: 44

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