#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 16 Training Recap

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Only took how many weeks to be able to sleep in my own bed? Too many.

#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 16

Day 106 – Sunday 9/9

Rest Day

Work work work work work.

Day 107 – Monday 9/10

Run 3.15mi – Pyramid

The light at the end of the tunnel was near, work-wise. Before a fugly rainy day at work, I managed to hustle out a pyramid downstairs at 6:30a. The usual 5.5-7.0mph, increasing by .1 each minute for 15. Felt decent.

Day 108 – Tuesday 9/11

Run 3mi HR<145

Peace out New York, and HELLO HOME SWEET HOME. Woke up slightly woozy thanks to copious amounts of wine the night before, and finally got to go back to CT after a month away. Cloudy and lame outside, I was exhausted but happy to trudge out a few heart rate miles.

Day 109 – Wednesday 9/12

ROMWOD + Run 14mi

Time for  a LONG F*CKING RUN. I really got to liking the “pretend you’re training for a 5K” thing, but the fact of the matter is that I’m signed up for a half marathon, which is a bit longer than a casual fun run.

I was off from work for the first time in 30 days, and spent most of the day trying to fight with a giant green blob on the radar that just kept hovering near my hometown. Rain I’ll deal with but thunder & lighting is where I don’t f around.


When I finally got outside… it was humid, but thankfully heat wasn’t an issue like it has been all summer. I could tell by the second mile it was going to be a challenge, but the only brief pauses were to cross busy streets. NO WALK BREAKS, and this 14 ended up faster than my 2016 Seawheeze time.

Thankfully, my wristband was in the mail when I finished up my run. I wasn’t home by SW’s “let us know if you don’t get it” deadline of 9/7, and after reaching out they confirmed that if my wristband wasn’t in the mail, I wasn’t going to be able to register for an in-line time for the Showcase Store. Talk about a sigh of relief when I saw that teal box in my massive pile o’ mail.

Day 110 – Thursday 9/13

ROMWOD + Run 3mi HR<145

Felt pretty solid given the fact that I’d run 14 miles the day before. It felt like I ran 14, but definitely didn’t feel as run over by the struggle bus as I expected to. Beep beep.

Day 111 – Friday 9/14

Rest Day

Brewery trip, laundry, pizza. A solid day. After 4 days in a row, I figured it was ok to rest, so I wouldn’t burn myself out in excitement to live and train like a normal human.

However, there were SeaWheeze-related doings. My online showcase haul came in, and with 3 browsers and a phone all going crazy at 3pm, I managed to secure a 6:30a in-line time for the big show(case) in Vancouver! Am I excited? Yes. Scared to get trampled by crazy people? Also yes.

Day 112 – Saturday 9/15

Run 3.75mi + SUP

Ready, set, run aimlessly! Had to get a few miles in to finish out the week strong.

Then, I pretended like I was a normal person with free time on a Saturday, and headed out paddleboarding with a few ladies from CrossFit. 🙂

#SeaKatyWheeze Cumulative Stats


Miles Run: 26.9 (now that’s more like it)
WODs Done: 0
Calories Burned: 3402
Miles Traveled: 98
Nights on the Road: 2


Miles Run: 318.05
WODs Done: 17
Calories Burned: 41548
Miles Traveled: 19290
Nights on the Road: 60

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