#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 12 Training Recap

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To my own bed and the ability to get a safe long run in outdoors: I’ll miss you two lovies, yes I will. See you in a long while. 🙁

#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 12

Day 78 – Sunday 8/12

ROMWOD + Run 11mi

This 11-miler was unfortunately the last long run I was going to see in a while, so I was happy to get out there for it, despite the aggressive humidity in the air. This summer has been BRUTAL and this run was more of the soupy same. But hey. At least I showed up.

Day 79 – Monday 8/13

Miles Traveled: 79

Finish packing, hop in car, drive 2 hours, go to work all day, move into a hotel for the next month. Ladies and gentlemen from this day forward it’s 95% #treadmilltime. At least the hotel mirror is prime for OOTD selfies. Minus the fact that I wear black all the time.

Day 80 – Tuesday 8/14

ROMWOD + Run 3.25mi

IMG_7283Just a little bit of aimless treadmill action to start a month of treadmill hell off on a reasonably positive note. Pace was under 10:00/mi and HR stayed under 160. I’ll take it.

Day 81 – Wednesday 8/15

ROMWOD + Warmup 2 + Tempo 4 + Cooldown 1

I hadn’t done a 4-mile tempo run all year without failing miserable whenever out on the trail, so I was unsure of how this one was going to go. I hopped on the hamster wheel, cranked the tunes and stared at a really boring baseball game on the monitor in my face and went to work. I was annoyed beyond belief when the treadmill hit 60:00 at 5.97 miles and I was KILLING IT on the tempo 4. I unexpectedly felt like a million bucks and was looking forward to the satisfaction of watching it tick to 6 like you wouldn’t believe.

That’s what I get for taking an extra 30 seconds of walking in my warmup to tinker with my music. Whomp to the whomp y’all.

Day 82 – Thursday 8/16

Rest Day

I still got 14,965 steps in on the day. Not being a lazypants.

Day 83 – Friday 8/17

ROMWOD + DIY Hotel CrossFit

First off, Twisted Lizard is some kind of sick joke. Ouch. But I got my flexy on.

After mobility, I the did a 10-min warmup on an elliptical with RUSTY USB PORTS (I kid you not) and invented a lil CrossFit WOD to change it up:

Dumbbell deadlifts (25#/each hand)
Air Squats
Single Arm DB Snatch

I was going to do the squats with the DBs on each shoulder, but after about 10 reps I realized it was plenty spicy with air squats, so that’s how I completed the rest of the workout. It was a nice little 20min of sweat.

Day 84 – Saturday 8/18

2.25mi Bike

I didn’t have much time, but I managed to take my bike out around the park for 20min. This is arguably not a workout, but Garmin said I burned 94 calories. That’s like, an Oreo.


I intended to run after work, and got as far as putting my clothes on and taking an outfit selfie. I then laid on my bed and updated the blog instead.

Kinda sorta the first time all week I wasn’t being rushed to work or some sort of social obligation after working out. I needed to decompress. It didn’t help me physically, but mentally it did wonders.

#SeaKatyWheeze Cumulative Stats


Miles Run: 20.25
WODs Done: 2
Calories Burned: 2761
Miles Traveled: 79
Nights on the Road: 6


Miles Run: 245.25
WODs Done: 16
Calories Burned: 32746
Miles Traveled: 16670
Nights on the Road: 37

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  1. Do you have any links to share for some good stretching videos? Also what Lulu mat did you get? I like the thicker ones but their so heavy, so I’ve resisted buying one!

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