#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 15 Training Recap

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If you thought the 16.5 miles I logged in Week 14 were peanuts, well in Week 15 it’s time for the chocolate coating of 10 miles. TEN. That’s all I managed to scrap together. At this point, sleep was lacking and my energy reserves were getting seriously low.

On the late nights, I will admit that I wasn’t taking care of myself and getting proper meals at night. It would be so late that I didn’t want to eat dinner at 10pm, so I’d just scarf down a few room snacks (plus an adult beverage, probably) and call it a night, making sure to eat a wholesome breakfast the next day. In hindsight, not very proud of some of the nutritional decisions made in recent weeks.

I was so distracted by life, I even dropped the ball on finding 20min/day for ROMWOD.

By the end of the week, I was feeling under the weather and Joanna was convinced I may have caught strep from any of the million germy places and people I’d been in contact with in recent weeks.

#SeaKatyWheeze: Week 15

Day 99 – Sunday 9/2

Travel 1261mi

What up, ATC? YOU ARE! Get it?

Wake up at o’dark thirty to catch the early flight out. Land at destination that *still* is not home. Go directly from airport to work, proceed to work until late at night.

It’s kind of my thing.

Day 100 – Monday 9/3

Rest Day

So it wasn’t a big day on the training front, but my face made it onto the jumbotron and I ate two pieces of cake.


Calories don’t count on coworkers’ birthdays. Plus, the frosting was bomb. I wasn’t planning on working late, but suddenly it was 10pm again. I’ve gotta stop doing that. Or start waking up at 5. Neither appeal to me.

Day 101 – Tuesday 9/4

Play Tennis – 1hr

Given that I haven’t played too many sports that involve quick, lateral cut movements since partially tearing my meniscus a few years back… I realize that this may not have been the brightest idea I’d had in a while. But, given the atmosphere I’d been in for weeks and having grown up playing TONS of tennis when I was younger, I couldn’t help but say yes when invited to hit balls before work with a few colleagues.

Was I happy? Yes. My game rusty AF? Also yes. Was my knee happy afterward? No.

Day 102 – Wednesday 9/5

Run 2.5mi – Speedwork

Aeon grapefruit gym selfie or the miles don’t count.

This was somewhat of a win, because I was actually finished before 8:30p. The workout itself was called Speedplay and it was over pretty quickly:

Warm up
10 min @ 11:23 min/mi

1 min @ 07:45 min/mi
1 min @ 10:40 min/mi
1 min @ 07:45 min/mi
1 min @ 10:40 min/mi
1 min @ 07:45 min/mi
1 min @ 10:40 min/mi
1 min @ 07:45 min/mi
1 min @ 10:40 min/mi
1 min @ 07:45 min/mi
1 min @ 10:40 min/mi
1 min @ 07:45 min/mi

Cool Down
10 min @ 11:23 min/mi <<< I admit, at 5 minutes I was just happy to be done and cut the workout off then. Heh.

Day 103 – Thursday 9/6

Run 3mi HR <145

This run felt like garbage. Think I had the germs. Stared at my damn laptop for far too many hours waiting for the email about the Online Showcase Store to come out. Probably didn’t hydrate enough that day because I was afraid of being in the bathroom when the email came out. I got my run in and slept a rare 8 hours after.

At least my outfit was on top of things. In hindsight, I didn’t get as much mileage as I should have out of that awesomely lit full-length mirror in the hotel room.

Day 104 – Friday 9/7

Rest Day

I scrapped a pretty intimidating workout on Friday, because I felt awful all day long. Tired, no appetite, throat was feeling sore two afternoons in a row. When I have no appetite, you know something is up. I got to bed early for the second night in a row to see if I could sleep the germs into submission.

Day 105 – Saturday 9/8

Run 4.5mi

Thankfully I felt like a different person on Saturday morning.

Warm up 10
1mi 6.6mph (9:05)
Rest 1min
1mi 6.8mph (8:48)
Rest 2min
1mi 7.0mph (8:34)
Cooldown 5min

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 9.35.24 AM.png
Always fun to watch the cadence go kaput in the second half.

Now that I look back on pasting this workout, it really doesn’t seem that bad AT ALL. While in NY I think I was far more intimidated than I needed to be with paces that start with 7’s and 8’s. I guess I’m fast in short bursts, and a minute at 7.0? Childs play after the 400s at EIGHT POINT TWO I just did yesterday morning.

Wait no, I thought that said 1 minute, not 1 MILE. Yeah ok so that one was tough but the hamster wheel kept me on pace.

One could argue that my lack of confidence and flair for the dramatic makes me an interesting character to coach.

#SeaKatyWheeze Cumulative Stats


Miles Run: 10
WODs Done: 1
Calories Burned: 1408
Miles Traveled: 1261
Nights on the Road: 7


Miles Run: 291.5
WODs Done: 17
Calories Burned: 38146
Miles Traveled: 19192
Nights on the Road: 58

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