WMTM Alert: 3/21 GO (See What I Did There?)

lululemonWMTM Alert

Just like the title says, I immediately saw purple shorts for $29 and thought GOTTA POST with the same frantic adrenaline rush that I usually get when Coach yells out 3… 2.. 1… GO at CrossFit.

  • Sizes 2 & 12 – waist flattery alert, the In Profile Jacket is marked down to $59
  • The Lazurite Run Times Short II are only $29 (!!!)  and available in all sizes except 12.
  • More of a Speed Up girl? Lazurite speeds are $29 too. I kid you not. I’m an OG Speed girl, but this price tag has me hovering over that “buy” button.
  • I’m telling you, you need a Fleece & Thank You Pullover. It’s down to $79 and I have been wearing mine every single night (not joking) since I got it a couple weeks ago. I went up from my TTS 8 to a 10 and it’s perfectly roomy without being too much. This pullover is. a. DREAM! While heathered smoky blush doesn’t photograph too well online, I love how neutral it is IRL. [Fitting Room]
  • Pace Rival Crop fans can grab Achromatize Ice Grey Black for $69
  • If stirrups are your jam, take a gander at the Still Mind Tight – made from the same fabric as Align Pant, so you know you won’t want to take them off.
  • I could have used a $49 Go Forward Pullover to hide in when some creeper on the train kept staring at me on Monday. High turtleneck sweatshirts you can hide in are fun.
  • The ringspun denim Vinyasa Scarf is a total steal for $29.
  • Runners, you know how spring refuses to show up & warm up? You can probably get some good use out of the Run Fast Gloves II & In a Flash Arm Warmersboth priced out at a reasonable $29 apiece
  • Also, I think I need the Cozy Crew Kick Socks because black & multicolored and THEY ONLY COST NINE DOLL HAIRS. Single digit prices, sign me up.
  • Finally, for old school lulu lovers, take a look at the Still Mind Crop, because 1) they’re nulu and 2) is it me or am I sensing a little bit of Astro Pant vibes with the angled waistband? They look mega comfy. I want.

I’m gonna get the socks. I want the arm warmers. I want the purple shorts.

EDIT: I got the socks and the Run Times. Only $40 for TWO ITEMS look at me go 🙂

I’m not very good at this ‘spring cleaning’ and ‘have less stuff’ thing, huh 😛

All stock images courtesy of lululemon athletica


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  1. Okay, I *had* to get the Fleece and Thank You. I sized up, so I could get that slouchy thing going. I love the way it fits you in your review. The Mink Berry Scuba also ended up in my cart…oops! Guess I needed snuggly things.

    I have the Run Times and they are cute! Maybe it’s the blue or purple thing, but the color surprisingly matches a lot. I just need a tan to go with it!

    1. I’m so excited you snagged the Fleece & Thank You – it’s one of my most unexpected & instant favorites in a while. Ain’t no shame in snuggly things while it’s still freezing outside 🙂

  2. Darn, I was too late for the purple shorts! Seems the speed ups are sold out in all the sizes,

    I did get the Vinyasa scarf in the heathered gravity color. Seems to be a green? I have a Smartwool vest that I think it will nicely coordinate with.

    The ringspun Vinyasa is beautiful, but I have a few others in black/white combos so I told myself to be smart and not buy another in the same color scheme.

    1. The Vinyasa looks green to me too! I’m the same way on the black/white Vinyasa, I don’t need a ringspun denim – looks too much like my coco pique to justify owning both.

      I’m trying to cut down on twinsies… unless it’s some sort of black long sleeve crew neck 😛

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