The Fitting Room: Lululemon


Another weekend, another random field trip to lululemon. I shockingly did NOT buy anything, but I came damn close. Said the ed when I walked out emptyhanded, “you’re leaving behind ALL THE THINGS?”

Yes. It’s rare, but it does happen. When you get to the point in life when your problem is not “I don’t have anything to wear” but “I don’t know which totally acceptable option to wear”… that’s enough options. Because no female ever says that. Time for a Poshmark sale.

This go around, I tried on the following:

Quick Faves? On Repeat Bomber & Fleece & Thank You

Duds? the Define & Emerald.

Emerald Long Sleeve ($58)

It looked big, so not only did I try on my usual 8, I even tried the 6 too. I want to love the stripes and the baseball style, but there are these weird seams down the sleeves that I just can’t get down with. First, the 8…

Next, the 6. It didn’t look bad by any means. I still may wake up one day and decide I like it. Who knows.

Hooded Define Jacket Nulu ($128)

Even sizing up to a 10, this one was too damn tight, and the color doesn’t do me any favors. Far happier with my Stopover Jacket. The nulu fabric means it’s thinner than a typical Define, making this one best suited for someone who lives in a relatively mild climate.

Breeze By Long Sleeve Squad ($78)

I like it. In another color. Like black. Or maybe dark olive. Do they even make dark olive? I should look into that. Wearing a TTS 8.

On Repeat Bomber ($128)

I almost did it. <3 I’m not usually a bomber jacket gal, but this one is a winner. Wearing a TTS 8.

Fleece & Thank You Pullover ($118)

“I Almost Did It” Part II. I really had no idea what I was going to think about this pullover, but it’s amazing. I’m wearing a size up in a 10 because that’s all they had in stock, going TTS is going to be a bit more fitted. Digging the slouchy look more than I thought I would, though. If this makes it to WMTM it’s gonna be mine.


    1. PM username is still @luluandthebox – I haven’t updated my listings in quite a long time due to travel. When I’m home for an extended period of time and able to ship promptly I’ll be sure to let everyone know 🙂

      1. on a different note, love the outfit you posted on instagram so coordinated! what exactly are you wearing? love that color!

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