Review: Lululemon Round Trip Jacket


Fully blaming Marie Kondo for costing me $118. I still have a long way to go before mustering up the courage to put all my clothes in a single pile (spoiler alert: it would probably take up my entire living room). However, in recent months I’ve been trying to be more mindful of what I purchase and what I hang on to.

If you aren’t staring at your feet are you even a blogger?

I went in to lulu a couple weeks ago for an “I’m home on a Saturday and why the hell not” epic Fitting Room Session (Part I & Part II), and the Round Trip Jacket was the number one piece that put an instant giddy smile on my face.

For 3 minutes and 50 seconds of IGTV gold (ha!), and to see the jacket in action on a person, click here to watch Episode IV of the Worst TV Show Ever. For photos, read on 🙂

Lululemon Round Trip Jacket ($118) in pelt

Note: I am 5’9″ and wearing size 10, one up from TTS.

Fit & Length

The product description refers to this piece as ‘body-skimming’, and I don’t disagree. I am usually an 8, but this jacket is pretty form-fitting even after sizing up to a 10. The sleeves are full length, but don’t have any thumbholes. Because the fabric stretches, you don’t lose any length in the sleeves when you have to do important things like fix your ponytail.

Overall length was a big selling point for me on how this jacket fits. My height is all in the torso, therefore some designs can fall in a weird spot on me. Not this time. Shorter women will find their backsides fully covered, but on taller women like me, it’s going to hit you in a pretty flattering spot.

Design Details

The Round Trip Jacket is meant for Office/Travel/Commute, so it features a headphone port and two zip pockets on the front. There’s a tiny internal Gu pocket in one of them, but that’s all you’ve got. No thumbholes, nothing else gimmicky.

The ribbing down the sides provides some nice flexibility, which is probably I love running around in this jacket so much. Even though it’s a slim fit, I don’t feel like my movement is restricted in any way.

Aesthetically, there’s a ruched band across the waist for slimming effect. On the back, the ruched panel and slight flare in the design add a nice feminine touch.

The Fabric

I flubbed in the IGTV video and called it Glyde Ultra, but this piece’s outer layer is Swift Ultra. (#badblogger) For those who don’t spend too much time memorizing lululemon’s textile lineup, this is the same fabric that their running shorts are made of. That means it’s lightweight, 4-way stretch that moves in any direction you want to. It’s lined with light luon, so there’s a degree of coziness that comes with the slim fit.


I remember putting this jacket on and experiencing instantaneous giddiness, so you can say it’s a win for me. My office is business casual, so I’ve already been able to sneak this one into the rotation with some black jeans & moto boots and call it an outfit. Many of the structured jackets I own have a certain degree of pulling when I start moving and stretching all around, but it doesn’t happen with the Round Trip Jacket, which is probably why I’m so happy with my purchase.

The Round Trip Jacket is a keeper, and while I will sit here all day and try to convince myself I’m NOT going to go back and pick up a black one, that’s probably a lie.

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  1. Super cute on you and I love that color with your skin tone. I can’t get over how it felt like an old school dance studio jacket wannabe, so I passed on this one:)

    1. Thanks! I was never enough of a fan of the Dance Studio Jacket to pick one up – go figure, the lack of casual details like a drawstring hood was a big win for me on this one. I liked it because to me it’s NOT like the DSJ 😂

    2. It’s funny that you mention the Dance Studio Jacket. I have it in two colors and it feels so good on! I tried on the Round Trip Jacket last weekend and liked it, but didn’t love it.
      And with Lululemon’s prices, I have to love it to spend the money.

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