5 Faves & a Dud: 3/19/19 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

How in the world Tuesday is almost over is beyond me. This last weekend was pretty packed with plans, I took a last minute work trip to NYC yesterday. You know what I didn’t do while in New York? I did not step foot into a lululemon, Sweaty Betty or Aether Apparel while I was there. WHO AM I?

Hey there WTC, you’re looking majestic. Oculus, you’re not so bad yourself.

I did, however, go to Eataly for the first time and their sit down restaurant had a special where I got a fresh mozzarella ball and Cacio e Pepe for $18. Two courses in Downtown New York City for under $20? Yes please. So, before I launch into my weekly spiel about cute new workout outfits, enjoy the food porn.

Okay, I’m done with the metropolitan and culinary photo spam. For now. Would you rather I start talking about running instead? I ran 5 miles today. TED Radio Hour NPR is a long slow distance time-passing champ. Shutting up now.

5 Faves & a Dud: 3/19/19 Edition

Fast & Free 7/8 Tight II Non-Reflective Nulux ($128) in vintage plum

They remind me of black raspberry ice cream, and, well… I like black raspberry ice cream and Fast & Frees. So, yeah. Hi there, tights. I like you.

Swiftly Breeze Tank ($58) in bali breeze

Ever since the original CRB died, I’ve been branching out into other tank territory, and I’m excited to give the Swiftly Breeze a try. I know I should brighten the place up with bali breeze, but knowing me I’ll probably end up doing something predictable like ordering black.

State Seeker Jacket ($138)

I know, I had my flattering zippy jacket fun in the form of the Stopover Jacket back in the fall, but I’m going gaga over the State Seeker. I appreciate the simplicity (aka no gaudy zippers, excessive pockets or drawstrings), and the band around the waist lends a nice slimming effect. It’s rulu, meaning it’s also soft AF. You may need this.

Aerial Silk Tank ($58)

IMHO, this tank is absolute perfection. It looks to be made from a material that’s a silky version of a Swiftly, the high nick provides good coverage without choking you out, and the length keeps you covered. Right now it’s only available in pink bliss and a gray they call black/white… if solid black drops next week it’s 100% mine, no questions asked.

Keep Cruising Jumpsuit ($128) in black

You know what?! I LIKE ROMPERS, OKAY. Yeah, the totally disrobing when you have to pee is a bit strange, but what I like most about this one is that the ribbed midsection is wider than others, so it definitely offers a slimming effect. I know I’m probably going to split the room with this pick but IDGAF, I’m here for this one.

The Dud

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve (Breeze) & Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew in golden lime

I like gold. I really like limes. I really REALLY like Swiftly Techs. I do NOT like golden lime. Do you? No, you don’t.

From the Soap Box

  • If Gymshark has been catching your eyeballs on the ‘gram lately but you just can’t bring yourself to cheat on lululemon, the Aerial Silk Tight (shown above) is bringing some peach-showcasing seamless action to the party.
  • The poppy coral Sculpt Tank II is going to look great with the tan we are all going to get once March stops being cold.
  • Speaking of colors, AMAZONITE… look at youuuu in your Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Glory, even though I’m not sure this photo does the color justice. (Can we talk about the 6th grade gym class vibes in the styling, though?)
  • If you’re one of the few who buys Speed Up Shorts, bali breeze is back in town and waiting for you.
  • Still a few camo pieces trickling in, like the Everywhere Belt Bag in Woodland Camo Gator Green Dark Olive/Black. Thank heavens for copy paste or else I’d have to tab back & forth 3x to get that color name right.

It feels like I’ve got a lot to say tonight, but I’m not necessarily racing to my shopping cart. Lulu’s banner item of the week is the Always Effortless Jacket {Review}, which is a little strange seeing that it was initially uploaded two weeks ago. I’ve got one and have been loving it so far, so maybe the fact that I was SPENDY AF in the last couple of weeks have been holding the trigger finger back tonight.

Anyone else spot anything they love in this week’s batch?

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  1. What’s the point of non-reflective F&Fs? Who is the target market? Are they trying to save a few cents by omitting the dots? I love the dark red and would have pulled the trigger if they just had a few, measly reflective dots. For $128, I want them.

    1. I personally appreciate the option without the dots. When I’ve tried to throw my F&Fs into a casual outfit with a pair of boots, I’ve found myself wishing for the dots to go away on multiple occasions. Makes it a little tougher for me to pass off workout tights as ‘real pants’

  2. I ordered the vintage plum Fast and Frees because I love the color. I’m not sure why Lululemon has come out with a non reflective option, but I don’t particularly care about the dots either way.
    I’m curious about the Aerial silk tights, but from the photos it kind of looks like it might give the wearer a unibutt… which is not okay.

    1. When working out, IDGAF about dots or not, but when I’m wearing a more casual outfit, there are times when I wish the dots weren’t there.

      Sometimes model choice can totally change the vibe of what something looks like. The super slim model they used for the Aerial Silk tights would NOT have been my first choice for styling, she has the least junk in the trunk of any models on the current roster, and my two cents is the aesthetic of these tights is supposed to work well with someone who definitely does her squats.

      1. You have a point about the model. I wish they would use more athletic models who have some muscle. I honestly think their clothes look better on an athletic body than a very thin body.

  3. I think that golden lime color is kinda odd and unflattering and maybe would look okay in small doses. I have Bali Breeze CRB I and it’s one of my favorites for summer! I’m eyeing the shorts in that color.

    1. I too wear my bali breeze CRB a ton! Golden lime… maybe someone with a darker skin tone can rock it, but I just can’t see it working for me. Whomp whomp 🙂

  4. OMGosh I am LOL at this comment, thank you for making me crack up! I saw this and thought who did that to that poor girl yikes!

    Speaking of colors, AMAZONITE… look at youuuu in your Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Glory, even though I’m not sure this photo does the color justice. (Can we talk about the 6th grade gym class vibes in the styling, though?)

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