Review: Athleta Sculptek Skinny Jean


I did the math, and with my full-time job cranking full-speed ahead, photo-taking and post-writing time is scarce in recent months. Often times, I get ambitious and find the time for photos, but the writing piece takes a bit of time.

Lately, most time spent on my phone (and random hotel balconies) has been all work & very little play.

So, here’s some Clif’s notes and a whole mess of photos of a pair of jeans I’ve been wearing around for the last month and absolutely LOVE, and why I believe they definitely deserve your athleisurely-focused attention:

Athleta Sculptek Skinny Jean ($98)

However, I found some time to play around in my new favorite pants, and you need to know how amazing they are.

Why I love Athleta’s Sculptek Skinny Jean and you will too:

  • Perfect medium wash for upcoming summer months
  • Also come in a light gray and super dark indigo for all of your fashionable needs
  • Mid-rise holds you in without going full MOM JEANS
  • They have a perfect amount of spandex that allow for comfortable movement without compromising the denim look & feel. I happily fly in them, and I NEVER fly in ‘real’ pants
  • Once you wash them and let them air dry, they go back on and feel soft again in 5 minutes, no need for awkward breaking in for days
  • The pockets are lined with mesh fabric that breathes and doesn’t create awkward bulk in the hips

I used to be a huge designer denim snob. These feel like some of my all-time favorites that easily cost $50+ more. If you can do without some sort of telltale squiggle on the back pockets to advertise what label you’re wearing… snap. these. up. NOW.

Ready, set… PHOTOS!

Non-bulky pockets FTW


I don’t know what to do with my hands. So I shall dance.

Sizing Notes: These also come in petite and tall lengths. They do stretch a little, so if you are in between sizes, size DOWN. Shown here is 5’9″ me who usually takes a 10 in lululemon, rocking a size 8 in regular length.

Go forth and give these babies a shot. I know this is a bit of a ‘ramble’ instead of a review, so if you have any questions about these jeans, drop it in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to answer!


– A crazy busy AthletiKaty <3


  1. Those look fantastic on you! It’s hard to find jeans, and you succeeded!

    I tried these on as well, and they didn’t work for me. I have a serious bubble butt, and while the legs in my normal size fit fine, my butt was being squished flat with these jeans. Which also made the waist a little too big. Too bad because they’re a good price and the fabric felt great!!

    1. Bummer! To be honest, I thought Athleta pants were all wrong for me for a long time until I took my head out of the sand and realized I was actually trying the wrong size.

      I do have a pair of Relentless Jeans from when they first broke onto the crossfit scene a few years back, and the waist feels even smaller than on these. Maybe give a ‘fitness’ denim brand a try?

  2. Been eyeing these for a long time but not sure what size to get (living overseas so can’t try in store)…. any recommendations on sizing for someone who is 5’4″ and wears lulu size 6 bottoms?

    1. According to the lulu size chart I’m a 10, and fit happily into an 8 in the Athleta Jeans. The girls in the store enthusiastically advised to size down because they do have a little bit of a stretch factor to them.

      Looking at the Athleta size chart my waist best fits an 8 and hips should be a 10, so I’m glad I took the advice of the store staff and not the size chart on these.

      As for length, petite is 2” shorter than regular. I have short legs for a tall person, so taking a measuring tape to a pair of pants you like is the best bet to figure out a length that’s right for you.

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