WMTM Alert! – 6/9/16

WMTM Alert

My brain is not on the list of things that are functioning in a high capacity today. I swear I thought today was Friday the way that everyone has been acting. Silly juice for everyone.

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WMTM Alert! – 6/9/16

  • If You’re Lucky Long Sleeve Tee II – This is a deal! I have and LOVE this top (now $69)

  • Talk about cleaning house with the Define Jacket. Many colors available for $99. Still pricey for a jacket given that it’s JUNE.
  • $99 again for the Sunset Savasana Pullover II, nice sweater but a steep ask for a sweater when all you’re doing outside is sweatING lately.
  • While it’s cute, the poor Lighten Up Tank isn’t very supportive. If you have a smaller chest, then take a gamble. If you have ANYTHING that bounces, leave it be >.<
  • THANK HEAVENS the kayak blue Rack Pack Bra is discounted but not in my size. Just dodged another $44 leaving my bank account.
  • This isn’t new, but the Energy Bra Exhale is still available in all sizes in that pretty pink paradise color.
  • Sizes 2-4, you’re WINNING with the Strap It Like It’s Hot Bra in both boom juice and black. This is my go-to double under bra and it’s only $39!
  • Cool Racerback, I see you there in grapefruit. I also see you there in grapefruit in my closet because I bought you last summer. Heh.
  • If you can hang on until October to wear it, Scuba Hoodie IIIs are down to $89. I only have one Scuba but 1 is enough, given how much I love and wear it.
  • If you don’t get unflattering shadows with bright colored pants, have at the All the Right Places Crop and All the Right Places Pant II in boom juice!
  • Agghhh the cyber red grape bordeaux drama High Times Pant has been on my wish list for a while and now they’re on SALE. I’ve been so good all year but lately I’ve let myself have at it with the lulu like old times. GAH!
  • If you need an earthy concert bag for the summer still, the Festival Bag II in tofino teal is marked down. Black is still full price.

Those High Times. I should be good. I SHOULD be good. I should be GOOD. #zen


  1. Girl, get those high times. I have them and LOVE them! I don’t wear them super often to workout in but I wear them allllll the time for lounging. They are super soft and cozy! And of course, they have stripes so they’re super flattering. Pull the trigger! 🙂

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