5 Faves & a Dud: Playing Ketchup

5 Faves & a Dud

ALOHA, blogosphere! The vortex has spit me out. By the ‘vortex’ I mean the Boston Red Sox and Walt Disney World. Work trip crammed in advance of mini vacation made for one busy Katy who hardly even got a chance to LOOK at upload & WMTM last week, much less curate it. Planes, trains, automobiles and boats. You name it, and I was on it last week.

NOTE: If I’m MIA, do a pulse check on Twitter @luluandthebox. Chances are good that if I’m going to miss out on a regularly scheduled post, there will be a tweet explaining why. I try not to be an inconsiderate ghosting jackass (we’ve all dated a few), but everybody screws up sometimes. 

Is it possible to break your toe from stubbing it on a coffee table like a (completely sober) klutz? Because I think I did. Bad bad bruising is gone, but now it’s kind of funny shaped and still hurts 10 days later.

I met 7 Disney princesses inside of 48 hours this past weekend. Holy sparkles, batman… because cute nieces.

One more side note before I get to the clothes, is anyone out there an NBA fan, even just for the finals? GAME 7, HOLY CRAP. I was practically falling out of my chair with anxiety. One of my college roomies is from Cleveland, and the idiot Golden State fan next to me at the bar Sunday night cemented a last-minute allegiance to the Cavs, and I was pretty stoked that they won. POST SEASON! Just gonna leave this 2007 LeBron gem right here.

5 Faves & a Dud – 6/21/16

Favorite #1: Energy Bra *Exhale ($58) in boom juice

Boom juice is to 2016 what jewelled magenta was to 2015. I have no complaints. Ok, so no complaints about this bra. I have plenty of complaints about other stuff, like why the hell upload was so small and dull this week. Am I even going to get to a 5th fave this week?

Favorite #2: Energy Bra H2O ($58) in double gradient energy bra h2o white deep coal

I want to go stand-up paddle boarding. In this. Why haven’t I gone paddle boarding yet this summer? What the hell, man. Raise your hand if you’ve gone paddle boarding this summer. All of you with your hands in the air, you are smart people who know how to have a good time.

Favorite #3: Restore Short Sleeve ($68) in rugged blue

This top is asking to be paired with skinnies, ankle boots and a chunky necklace. I already blew this month’s lulu budget, so unless it stays in stock until July, someone else is going to have to model my envisioned look for you. Ready, set, model!

Favorite #4: Beat the Heat Long Sleeve ($78) in tiger space dye black white

My emoji with hearts for eyes face over open backs has not settled since last year. I think part of the appeal for tie-back looser long-sleeved tops is to show off that my waist is indeed a lot smaller than my rear end. Also, the textured weave is a nice neutral departure from standard heathered gray.

Plus, she looks like she’s just having so much fun spinning around in circles. I still do that in dresses now, and I’m 30. Mature, totally.

Favorite #5: Vinyasa Scarf *braid ($68) in space dye camo seal grey deep coal

I already have multiple textured gray vinyasa scarves, and NOW I WANT THIS ONE TOO. Is wearing multiple scarves every going to be a trend? Maybe if WW3 erupts and we end up in nuclear winter. Until then, I’ll be slightly annoyed that lulu keeps churning out awesome scarves like this one and I can only wear one at a time.

The model looks so awesome. I want to look this awesome. Scarf envy is real, y’all.

The Dud: Run with the Sun Vest ($108) in white

In my head, this vest… does not compute. While it’s not utterly horrid or laughable like some Duds of the past, this just doesn’t seem like a practical investment. Easy pass.

Having bought more than a few things a couple weeks back, I am not buying anything this evening. However, that Vinyasa Scarf and Beat the Heat Long Sleeve are certainly going on my favorites list! What about everyone else?


  1. Ugh, why did the US not get the hero blue pace rivals!? We didn’t get the pretty light grey stripey ones either so I’m losing hope these will make it down here. I was so ready to hit order on those only to have my hopes dashed! My friend does live a couple of hours from Toronto. Maybe I can convince him he wants to head out that way if we don’t get them in the next few weeks…

    1. Check your local store for the grey pace rivals! I found a pair in NYC, thought I didn’t buy because they were sheer 🙁 Maybe they will work for you!

      1. Thank you so much for letting me know! I found both colors at a local store and brought the hero blue ones home with me. You were also totally right about the grey ones being sheer. Bummer, they were pretty.

  2. I missed your posts but glad you had a good time with your nieces. Did you have time to stop in at the Lululemon outlet in Orlando???

    1. Not this time around, which stinks! I generally have had great luck at the Orlando location. It holds a special little place in my heart as the first lulu outlet I’d ever been to!

      As I drove by it en route to the airport Monday morning, I actually waved and said hi to the outlet mall out loud. I’m such a dweeb.

  3. Why is the Restore Short Sleeve a final sale item? Am I the only one who thinks that is a little strange?

    1. Good eyes! This new website is not very user friendly and isn’t all that good at making IMPORTANT information (like this) obvious. Sneaky sneaky. Hopefully it will show up in stores so someone can try it on before taking a $70 gamble.

  4. Missed you! Would love to see some Lulu in the wild vacation pictures! Your IG golf pic sold me on the Sunaway Runaway pink top, which I bought, returned, then bought again after seeing the pic. Super cute and functional!! Can we discuss how crazy the Hot Spell Bra price is? I love this bra from a couple of years ago (paid $29 on markdown), then the similar Shala bra last year, but I can’t understand why it’s priced so much higher than the Free to Be.

    1. Woohoo, glad you like the Sunaway Runaway! I ordered it just for kicks figuring if it was only meh I’d return it. I ended up loving it right away.

      I’ll try to dig through my phone for a few photos of vaca that are actually of me and not the family, my OOTD game has practically been non-existent lately, I need to step it up!

      While not lululemon, I have a black pair of the North Face’s Bond Girl Short that I L-O-V-E and wore practically every day. Let’s just say they highlight ‘assets’ pretty nicely, and are wonderfully breathable and stretchy without being spandex.

      That bra price makes no sense to me. It seems to me as though the gimmicky (non-core) styles are all going for an extra $10 right now, even if there’s hardly any fabric to them.

    2. Hot Spell Bra price makes even less sense given you can get a Onzie Elastic Bra (looks exactly the same) for $45!

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