Lululemon Review: Base Pace High-Rise Short 8″ (Photos & Video)


I feel like it’s been a wild Spring, and a lot of people are going THROUGH IT right now, in their own ways. Two things I tend to use to take my mind off of things? Running and retail-induced dopamine hits. This post features one for the sake of the other. 😏

I’ve decided that I want to give shorts a fair try with running this summer, given how much longer-inseam bike shorts have become so widely available in the last year or so.

lululemon Base Pace High-Rise Short 8″ – Blazer Blue Tone

Enter the Base Pace. I tried on pair of the 23″ crops last year and didn’t fall in immediate love, so I haven’t given the style much thought since last summer.

Sizing Notes: I’m 5’9″ – in lululemon, I am a TTS 8 on top and a 10 on the bottom.

Base Pace High-Rise Short 8″ ($64) in Blazer Blue Tone

Despite having F&Fs Crops in Jet Stream and F&F Tights in Cerulean, there’s just something so fun about working out in some sort of gorgeous royal blue, so I had to complete the trifecta with some shorts.

With the raw hem, I was happy to find silicone grips (dots for flexibility, not solid strips like in the skirts) on the inside of the legs to keep them from moving around.

ALSO… there are minimal ‘features’ – there is a drawstring and one (yes, one) pocket on the inside of the back of the waistband. It fits an iPhone 12 Pro, but if you’ve got a phone bigger than that, maybe start shopping for a running belt. It can fit a phone and that’s about it. No snacks, which my be an issue for longer distance runners.


Likes: High rise, silicone grips on the inside of the leg holes keep them in place
Dislikes: Lack of pocket space for keys/gels/accoutrements
Sizing: TTS
Did I buy them? Yes, and here are my thoughts on the run!

Test Run: First Thoughts

The Sweat Test: Blazer Blue Tone

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  1. Do you think these are going to replace fast and frees? Many, if not all, 8inch f&f shorts went to wmtm here in Canada.

    1. I’m slightly worried that they may. IMHO the release of new F&F options has slowed down. The 5 waistband pockets plus side pockets are just so PERFECT for race day and I’ll be devastated if they go away.

      1. Ok, ok, blue looks amazing on you!! 👌💙 But what about those blue sunglasses?! I need to know the deets, I love them!

        I always see you in your IG with those amazing mirrored sunglasses, I had to ask this time!

  2. Love the color of these shorts. I love pockets so am really hoping the fast and free remain for long runs, but these would be great for working out at the gym.

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