5 Faves & a Dud: Nice Rack, Nice Tri

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Ladies and gentlemen (ok so ladies, I don’t think a single gentleman reads this blog), I’ve got writer’s block. I am angry with Mother Nature. My weekends for the next 7 weeks are crammed pretty busily, so I was hoping to use this past weekend to take some photos of my recently acquired CARTON of lululemon.

What happened instead? Rain. Clouds. My condo is an inside unit with less than optimal lighting, so finding the right time of day to get bloggable photos is more of a challenge than one would think. The Trinity Tank, I’m wearing right now. I love this thing. The Urbanite Backpack, it’s just so cute for to/from work. The pipe dream CRB puts emoj-esque hearts in my eyes and neon pink Minimalist bra was an unusual pop of fun in the wardrobe. The hat? Eh. It’s final sale, so who cares if I love it or not. It’s mine for keeps.

Geezus, listen to me. First world problems to the max this week.

FedEx took 8 years to arrive (practically 6p) on Friday, so I didn’t have much else to do with my time than to drive 40 miles to celebrate National Donut Day in style. See?

5 Faves & a Dud – 6/7/16 Upload

I say nice rack today, because pretty much all of my picks are bras/swim tops this week.

Favorite #1: Energy Bra *h2o ($58) in deep sea h20 energy bra hero blue

POOL WATER. Once upon a time, I had these sneakers that looked like pool water. I had cut a photo out of a magazine of the Nike Air Kukini, and said Mom LOOK these are AWESOME! I didn’t ask her to get them for me, I just asked her to look to see if they existed, or the magazine ad was just a crazy pipe dream. Mom was feeling extra nice that day, saw them in the store and brought them home for me. One of the best surprises of my tweenage life. I love you Mom! <3

Not my photo, but look how AWESOME these were.

Favorite #2: Run: Stuff Your Bra III ($58) in neon pink

Neon pink is so 80’s and bright and happy and this bra is comfy and useful and the only reason I’m not ordering it is because I ordered a bright and happy and comfy neon pink bra last week. //run-on sentence

Favorite #3: Surf to Sand Sport Top II ($58) in pipe dream blue/black

Let the pipe dream love affair continue. I know I’ve been a bit heavy on the OMG ROYAL BLUE lately, but when a girl meets a color that works for her, she’s got to take advantage and work it. I may or may not be placing an order for this top in the next hour or so. If only I actually had time to go to the beach.

How many millions of miles do I need to run in order to get my ass to look like this model’s? What, you mean I need to give up beer and cookies too? Fuggedaboutit.

Favorite #4: Sunaway Runaway Short Sleeve ($68) in neon juice pink boom?

So the descriptor says boom juice, but the photos definitely look neon pink to me. Also, it says online only, but then my mobile app inventory shows 6 in stock at the Westport store. Why is everything always in stock at the Westport store? I have local store envy of anyone living on the shoreline.

Not the most thrilling of designs, but some of us actually have a need for conservative brights. Work clothes FTW, can’t lose me in the dark if I wear this shirt!

Favorite #5: Wunder Under Crop (Hi-Rise) ($88) in space dye camo seal grey deep coal

You can’t go wrong with a little high rise muffin-top-camouflaging ass-flattering slanted striped stretchy luon-y goodness. You just can’t.

The Dud: Free to Paddle Hat ($38) in black

Welp, grab a snow cone on the boardwalk, stick a flower on my head and call me Frosty.

What Else Ya Got?

  • For all of you ladies with the admirable stamina to do triathlons or long-distance cycling on its own, lulu’s offering up some functional selections this week:
  • Back to the POOL WATER love… if the Energy Bra wasn’t enough for you, here’s what else is in store:
  • Also, we’re seeing another round of swimwear and rash guards this week. The styles aren’t new, but it’s a nice dose of pipe dream (if you’re as goo goo ga ga over royal blues like I am).
  • What’s new in the land of le Swiftly? Some, but not too much. Two words: earth tones
  • The Refresh Maxi Dress is back in its second incarnation, but there’s something about a racerback maxi that I can’t get on board with.
  • Boogie Short lovers, the Wunder Short 2″ keeps getting cranked out. I never had the body type to pull the Boogie off. For those of you who do, how are you liking the new replacement? When I tried on the 5″, I’ll admit that I liked them.
  • The mini ripple boom juice multi High Times Pants are fun. The fact that they’re fullux makes them less fun. 🙁
  • ALRIGHT PEOPLE, here’s the ultimate Dud of the evening. Not one piece, but a conglomeration of pieces that should not be conglomerated together as such:


I’m just going to leave that right there and go on and order that swim top now. Dios mio.

Anyone else score tonight?


  1. Nothing for me tonight, but i do like seeing some super athletic looking models. The other models are absolutely gorgeous with great bodies (i mean duh, of course, they’re models), but seeing one that looks pretty solid and muscular is nice. I might be a tad biased because I’m definitely no twig and have a muscular build, so now I can see what clothes look like on a similar build

    Also, just want to ask, does anyone know what shorts the model is wearing in the neon pink RSYB photo? They look like speeds, but high-waisted.

  2. You should get back into those clip on pedals! They make biking 100% better. The night I forced myself to perfect clipping in and out was probably one of the worst of my life (lots of falling, crying, bruises, concerned passers-by asking me if I was alive, and threatening to quit triathlon) but totally worth it!

    1. I know! I’m such a chicken though.

      I’ve got hybrid pedals on my bike right now. I’ve tried to clip in a few times on occasion, but I’m still nervous about hitting the wrong gear, having to pop out and not getting out in time. The first time I ever clipped in resulted in a smashed window, an OJ Simpson-esque trail of blood and scars you can still see 7 years later.

  3. Is that a Lululemon visa in the pictures of the Run Stuff Your Bra? The bottom picture on the hot pink bra. I think there had been rumors of a Lulu credit card a while back.

    1. good eye! from the fb groups, I’ve heard it’s a pre paid card given out to employees to pay for yoga classes. new money is put on it every month. it’s a new thing the company is trying out.

  4. Still laughing that this page got blocked by my work because it was in the ‘swimwear/lingerie’ category. Was it the pool water top or the run stuff your bra? Finally just see it now and resisting the urge to download the app.

  5. You are so right about the Sunaway Runaway SS. There are many tops that people say you can dress up or down, but this one is legit! I ordered it on a whim, just to try, and fell in love. The only thing that would make it more perfect is if the logo was the same color as the top instead of contrasting. Ladies, if you need comfy work tops, give this a try!! Note: my light pink bra showed through the pink one. TTS for me – I like the more relaxed fit of my larger top size in this. If I were buying this for workouts/active only, I may prefer my smaller top size.

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