3 Cheers for Progenex & 3 Jeers for Lulu


Current mood: SALTY. Congrats to the Broncos on their “win”. Quotation marks because they were essentially playing against the Patriots practice squad. >=[

I’m also salty about how it’s well into “Sunday evening” – Katelin said upload would come then in WWL – and it’s squarely past midnight (aka MONDAY) and still no upload. Sorry but some of us on the East Coast have JOBS we need to wake up for in the morning and can’t afford to stay up this late waiting for another lululemon IT snafu.

THE GOOD NEWS: Progenex released their annual special edition recovery protein at midnight – Peppermint Bark!

 The Progenex Cyber Monday special is 15% off all orders and free shipping, no promo code required.

They initially released earlier today on Instagram that their cyber Monday special would be if you spent $100 on Monday you would receive a 15% off code for a future purchase.

That flew like a lead balloon. Social media threw their arms up and protested the lack of ‘sale’.

What do you mean your Cyber Monday gimmick means selling things to us at full price?! That’s called “doing it wrong”

Well, mega props to the Progenex for listening to their customers’ feedback and changing their special to the 15% off mentioned above! I know some people aren’t fans of the brand, but they earn big points with me for taking action so quickly.

So, what did I do at midnight? Made sure I don’t need to restock on protein for the next six months. 😀

EDIT: Go figure as soon as I hit post on this rant Lululemon goes and uploads!

Check out the latest upload here – Recap to come as soon as it’s my lunch break. 🙂

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