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lululemonWMTM Alert

 Hopefully anyone who celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday has come out of their food coma by now. This means, you’re no longer prego with a food baby and feel like trying clothes on again.

Why, you ask? Because the best deals lululemon’s got right now will require you to get off your butt and head to an actual store. I was just in Memphis over the weekend for work, and of course popped into that location the check on sales and new arrivals. 

The special edition zippy Vinyasa Scarf greeted me front and center, and I was reassured that it’s awesome and I can’t wait for the FedEx man to arrive later in the week with mine. Aside from that, what did I find? Multiple racks of marked down goodies!

Remember that one time the &Go City Trek Trouser dropped and I said hmmm I like them but only if they end up on WMTM? Well, I won the standoff. Both Bordeaux Drama and Dark Fuel were hanging there on markdown for $59. As of this morning, Lulu is still pushing them for $148 online.

Sale items depend largely on the buying patterns of each store’s customer base, which is why it’s always a good idea to make the trip every once in a while. When a store sells out a piece in most sizes, sometimes they’ll price the 2-3 leftover pieces to move just to get the oddballs out the door and off the sales floor.

Got a heathered gray Swiftly LS for $49 recently, simply for the fact that the showroom I was visiting only had 2 left in that color and wanted them gone.

In order to find treasure, you’ve got to be willing to pick up that shovel and dig. Happy hunting! 🙂


  1. I picked up a fluffin awesome vest in the coastal camo for $54!! Could not believe it. There was a bunch of other stuff, but restrained and got the vest, and the new green swiftly tank. Which by the way, you’re totally right, the swiftlies shrunk. I normally wear a 4, and had to get a 6. Wtf lulu

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