WMTM Alert! – Cyber Monday Edition


Looks like about 20 more items snuck into WMTM for today!

There’s also a moderate assortment of pants available, along with some goodies I surely glossed over. Happy bargain hunting! 😀


  1. Inevitably, I think I’m finished shopping, then read your notes and add something else. Thanks for helping me spot ALL THE WMTM! (This time, I added the black/grey Flow Y bra.)

  2. im one of the few (i think) that likes the studio racerback. BUTTTTT i bought a ton of el cheapo old navy tanks over thanksgiving break so i think im good for tanks.

    i got the wup roll downs instead. and im thinking of grabbing a couple of the zone in tights because – THAT PRICE. do you think i need to size up? the reviews all say its tight to begin with.

  3. I ordered the reflective What the Sport Shorts last Fri. Then I ordered the kanto stripe sapphire blue ones yesterday, along with the bordeaux drama Speeds and the stripe play Groove Shorts. That makes 4 pairs of shorts. I should stop now.

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