Through 11/30: Snag the Studio Pant’s Doppelgänger for only $38


So, have you ever found yourself wanting a pair of the lululemon Studio Pant II, but unwilling to spend $100+ for them? Well, that was me a couple years ago. I was sick of wearing denim to work when it was crazy hot out, so the studio pants caught my eye. However, at the time I was in the market for this type of pants, I wasn’t all that comfortable shelling out full price money for them.

Enter Zella. Some (or most) of you may know the brand as Nordstrom’s in-house effort to knock lulu off its pretty luxtreme perch. Nordy’s was having a late summer sale a couple years back, and a very similar pair of pants, the Work It Pant, was hanging there on the rack on sale for $56. They fit me well, and the price was right. These pants and I have lived happily ever after, and they still get compliments.

I just checked Zella’s site for kicks, only to find that the Work It Pants are marked down through 11/30 to a super low price of $37.18! (Get them here.)

The WIP’s original retail is $74. Compared to full-priced lululemon, that’s a $70 savings for the same look.

NASCAR - Monster Mile

Also, this is my friend Miles the Monster. I’m wearing said Zella pants in this photo. Totally makes it relevant.



  1. Under armour makes a similar pant too. Got mine a couple years ago for $40ish. I remember the Zella pair when I bought the UA, but I think I went with UA because of a lower price.

  2. I actually have the Zella Work it Pants too! Paid about the same price during Nordstrom’s big sale every July. I love it!!

    1. Aren’t they awesome! I don’t know what it is about them but they’re pretty flattering. Just wish they were maybe an iiiiinch longer for my 5’9″ frame!

  3. I grabbed these in store today. Thanks for the heads up! This is the…*cough*…5th…pair of workout pants purchased this weekend, all but these ordered online from various places. The deals were plentiful and I’ve been wanting to branch out from lulu so I figure now is a good time to try some out, right?! The FedEx guy is going to think I’m nuts. I plan on returning at 2-3 pairs, but I already ripped the tags off these babies! I actually think they are cuter than the studio pants.

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