Lulu’s Cyber Monday: Uploading SUNDAY NIGHT

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Haaaaiii, internet! Anyone having a black & blue Saturday after engaging in Black Friday fisticuffs? Am I even using that word correctly? Who cares, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want. Fisticuffs.

The latest What We Love is up on, and the biggest takeaway is that the usual Tuesday upload schedule is being scrapped this week.

In honor of Black Friday’s less violent younger cousin, Cyber Monday, the next lulu upload will be tomorrow (Sunday) night. More special edition goods coming our way – if you don’t see what you’re eyeing go up tomorrow, chances are it will be made available on Thursday.

What We Love – Cyber Monday Edition

20151128-WWL1.pngDoes the return of the Fluffed Up Jacket mean that the Fluffed Up Vest will eventually come back around too? I got the vest as a birthday gift last year, and love it. The Fluffed Up line seems thin, but these pieces are warm. Plus, berry rumble is proving itself to be a gorgeous color.

20151128-WWL2Now, before you lose your mind and go all OOOOH I love the Runderful LS <3 – it’s pretty much the Kanto Catch Me LS’s crew-necked twin. Look at the pics, you can tell those unnecessarily long sleeves are back for round two. Too bad, or else I’d have considered buying this one! The Runderful + not so wonderful.

20151128-WWL3.pngHm. I like the idea of the paneling in different shades. It’s fun. However, the varying sheen of the fabrics used is not as fun. Oh well! Wallet = safe.

20151128-WWL4.pngHey there Sunshine Coast LS, I like you! The fact that it’s so thin and purposely sheer doesn’t make it a good choice for office outfits, but this could definitely become a staple in more casual winter outfits. Curious to see what other colors this may come out in.

20151128-WWL5.pngThe special edition spin on the CRB thins the straps in back, and turns half the back into mesh. This could have been practical… in July. Again that berry rumble though. Pretty!

20151128-WWL6.pngThe only thing I can think of when I see this design is: SNEEPS that’s a lot of mesh! Sneeps is a technical term. Been in the family for years.

The Fluffed Up Jacket is really the only thing that’s catching my eye. However, WWL isn’t the be all end all of upload. Only one more day before we get to scope more goodies!


  1. Hi, Lulu & the Box,

    Thanks for posting. Do you know if WMTM is updated more often during this season, too?

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  2. I tried on the new fleece jacket and didn’t find anything that wowed me so much that I HAD to have it. Pretty thankful for that because I’m pretty overspent. I was in such a rush that I wish I had really given it the twice over though because the berry rumble is such a nice color.

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