WMTM Alert – 10/29/15

WMTM Alert

+20 Items today. Mobile app updated, desktop site not yet reflecting upload. Notables include:

  • The Wunder Under Roll-Downs for Dance (with the holes in the calves)
  • Dance to Yoga Pant (aka hammer pants)
  • The very new Drop it Like it’s Hot Tight
  • Wunder Unders in Electric Coral (ahem… SHEER)
  • Groove Pant III
  • Sunset Salutation Crop… did anyone ever try these on?
  • Those Super Squad Shorts in the dark butterfly print
  • The poor Back Pack It Jacket didn’t sell too well, $99 now.
  • Light Speed LS in Medium only
  • Split Pea Time Warp SS in all sizes. This color is fickle. Sometimes it looks great, other times it makes me look sickly.
  • The very new Meshed Up Tank. Bahahahahaha.
  • Do I even remember the Barre None Tank being uploaded? Well, it’s here now for $44.
  • They found more of the blue lizard CRB, it’s available in ALL SIZES for only $29. This is a major deal!
  • Blue/pink cheetah lovers, you can grab the Super Sport Tank too.
  • Windy Blooms Regal Plum Multi tanked, as expected. the FTBW, Ta Ta Tamer & Lighten Up Bra are all available in this scheme.
  • The Girl Scout Cookie Vinyasa Scarf is still around, which is shocking for rulu.WMTMCheapLulu

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