FYI: Wine Berry Hi-Rise Wunder Under Pant


As mentioned on Tuesday, I have been in the market for some maroon leggings to turn into my weekend uniform, because black doesn’t match brown & navy, and I’m not quite ready to resign myself to the all black and gray winter wardrobe.

My local store just moved into the nearby mall this week. While it’s no longer in cute little West Hartford Center, there are a few pluses to take from this. It’s closer to my house, parking is free and the HOURS ARE LONGER! So, I headed over post-gym on Wednesday night in hopes of getting my hands on the newly released Wine Berry Hi-Rise WUP.

Seeing that I went immediately after the gym, I did not try them on in my post-WOD state of grossness… I took the last of the birthday gift cards out and committed.

So I tried them on for the first time last night. Love the color, but here are two noteworthy points.

  1. The ankle opening felt much tighter than previous pairs of Wunder Unders. I held them next to the ankle opening on a classic black pair of WUPs bought in 2013 for a sanity check… survey says I’m not nuts. These are about 1/2″ smaller.
  2. If you want to squat in these WUPs, you better also buy a pair of these:

Pictured above: the Light as Air Hipster in Nudie. That’s right, the Wine Berry WUPs are kind of sheer. Not as OMG see through as the electric coral ones (or anything luxtreme), but still enough that you should be mindful of what you’re wearing underneath. If you’re in between sizes, or in denial about what size you think you are vs what the size chart says you are… err on the side of caution and go with the larger size of the two.


  1. I started thinking that I need some of these WUP, until I found black cherry High Times in my closet. Probably too similar to justify. I have trouble with the WUP ankle/lower leg width – and I don’t think I’m disproportionately large in that area! They’re ok once they’re on, but wow, are they tight going over my feet! Sizing up creates waist slippage. You’ll be posting outfits with these pants, right?

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